Info - Advanced search help

Normally you can just use the preset options «All countries», «All makers» and the global time period and only fill in a radio models partial name or number. This way, the form would behave identically to a simple search.

But if you intend to concentrate on a country, radio manufacturer, time period (etc.) or if you are not sure about a model's exact name, you'll want to use the advanced radio search.

Entering a single string (no blanks) in the manufacturer field will present a list of potentially matching companies. If your search criteria were unambiguous you will see just one manufacturer's models. Otherwise you will need to dig down through the hierarchy. Similarly, you may limit a search to particular countries and time periods or the availability of photos, price, and transistor or tube models.
If You enter a composite name/number or parts thereof, the parts must be in correct order. Do not skip anyone. A leading or trailing part can be ignored, but whatever You enter must be in an unbroken sequence.

With a click on the «waste basket» you can delete your individual selection on that line. Good to know: The selections you enter on this form do not apply to other search forms even if you leave them set here.

You get a general list for a manufacturer by clicking "Antique Radios etc.: Total summary". Then choose the country, then the manufacturer. By clicking the quantity of models you receive the list where you also see if there are pictures or/and schematics for a given model. If you click the name you get the company history and below you can even click a link for models without pictures or models without schematics. This makes getting help for pictures or schematics easier. Please help by uploading pictures or schematics.

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