Info - Help for search for radios by sets of tubes fitted.

A search for radio models by sets of tubes/valves helps to find the name, make and schematics which might fit an unknown radio.

In pre-war times many companies licensed their own designs / chassis to other countries' manufacturers.

For an example: Marconi GB designs have been sold to Brazil, Canada, France, Italy, and the USA - maybe more - under different brands, model names and with different cabinets. So some unknown radios could be identified with a tube set search.

To specify a tube list, never use a space within a tube/valve type descriptor (i.e. RE134; not RE 134). As with all other search entries, a descriptor / name may be partial. If you entered just EM; - without the number, any EM ... will be considered in a search.

You may enter sets of radio tubes/valves (max 5) to find similar schematics. Use a semicolon (;) and a space as separators to specify multiple tubes / valves in your search string.

Please note that this search is non-exclusive, so the results may show radios with additional tube types besides those you entered.

[dsp_suchen.cfm TA4]