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For print out, please click Ctrl-P (or Apple-P) or the pictogram.

Look up here: For preparing and load up of pictures - or for schematics.

Here you get the data, pictures and schematics or descriptions we have about this model. Underlined data can be selected by a click. Tubes supported with a picture are also underlined. A click will take you to the respective tube/valve page. These pages often contain the circuit usage, tube pictures, pinout, plate and transfer characteristics, as well as any other relevant technical data.

The link bar lets you navigate within your result list (if any) and go back to the search page. The two or three fields right of that show several links by "mouse over". They are mainly for logged in members: "Uploads and questions" is for "Picture upload", "Schematic upload", "Data change etc.", "Price upload", "Forum info or question" and "Audio clip upload". Scrolling over the field "My model" produces the links "Personal Index", "All personal Indexes", "Ad for a set", "Ad for parts etc.", "I need this schematic", "Model reminder" and "Notification if model change". Administrators see also a field "Administration" with a few links.

To get schematics or pictures in big size

Below is a middle sized picture with watermark which can be changed by clicking the thumb nails on the right of it. Members click the middle sized figure to download the real big sized information after first having selected one of the small pictures or schematics. Guests get the page to become a member - and the contact form to send us information or pictures for this model. We will then possibly upload them, naturally with a courtesy remark (first name, name, city, country) - if not wished otherwise.
Use the red slider bar for more thumbnail pictures.

Try out the different links please.
Country: You get a description for that particular radio history and/or pictures - if a member did the work for that. Members see links for bringing in such information. They also can add via forum from that page - which then sticks to the country. Such threads can be seen in different languages - and be translated by Google if necessary.

The same applies like for the countries. But here you have also a link to the models of that particular manufacturer or brand. You can also go to an overview.

Tubes (Valves) and semiconductors:
You often find a link (underlined term). By clicking it you get the full information about that tube or semiconductor at a full page for it. Please click one to see that wealth of information, including replacements, first year used, list of models which use it, technical papers, photos etc.

All listed radios etc. from this manufacturer/brand: This is self explanatory.
By clicking a collection you can see collections where this model is included. Members can take up contact if needed - but see below what they also can do.

Sometimes you find red remarks - for instance if a member seeks a schematic for this model (or a better one). There is also a remark if tubes are involved for which we believe they were not at the market on the year of model given. We show also about 100 000 collector prices to members. As a guest you see if there are for that particular model.

If members have written forum articles like repair stories or had some questions, you will find this below the actual model page (by scrolling). If you come across of such an article you can click the link back to the model. See this example or this one - which is an interesting common thread and therefore not tied to a model page.