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This page is designed to let you propose a new model. See these instructions. You are strongly encouraged to make sure the model you want to propose does not already exist in the system before you make your proposal! If a model appears with the same name and the same model number by the same manufacturer but in a different country, you should fill in the form. If the same model with the same name and number was delivered in several distinct revisions, you can make a proposal here, but you must specify a variant code so that the system may distinguish between the two models. Please if possible hold one or several pictures ready (preferable 1400 pixels width) to upload at the end of the process.

Please read the blue (square) info button right here before you create a new maker/brand. You can find more information here. Suggester "MUST PROVIDE A SOURCE FOR ALL SUGGESTIONS".

Manufacturer / Brand: 
Only the first word or part of it. You will receive a selection list after completion of the form.
Model Name: 
Model Type (Ch= Chassis): 
Uncertainty   First field = "start market introduction", second: "last sales year".
Main principle: 
ZF/IF:   kHz         AF stage(s): 
Number of AM circuits: 
Number of FM circuits: 
Power out:  W undistorted    W max.)
Please use the "unknown quality" only if an assignment to "undistorted" and / or "max." is not possible. The "unknown quality" value will be displayed only when nothing else is available.
 W unknown quality   Examples: 4; 2.5; 0.15
Wave bands: 
Power supply: 
Voltage:   V
Examples: 220; 110-240 (from - to); 110/220 (=and) or: 110; 125; 150 / 4 x 1,5 - "Volt" is automatically added by the system !
Loudspeaker Type: 
Loudspeaker Ø: 
Dimensions (WHD): 
   x      x       
Valves / Tubes & Semiconductors:  Quantity of tubes/valves: 
Please separate tubes (see how to write them) with a space, not a comma!
Semiconductors (the count is only for transistors):  Quantity of transistors only: 
0 = none, -1 (minus 1) = There are transistors, but the quantity is unknown
Net weight (2.2 lb = 1 kg):   .     
Price in first year of sale:  Currency:
Mentioned in: 
Mentioned (Detail): 
Literature/Schematics (1): 
Lit/Schem. Add. (1): 
Literature/Schematics (2): 
Lit/Schem. Add. (2): 

The remarks you write here will be visible to administrators only. Thank you for a new model, but please give references and reasons about themodel for the model admins. When you have filled in the form, please click the GO button.