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02-Radio Manual, no date, 380 pages, 359 models

Ernst Erb Jürgen Stichling Franz Harder 
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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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02-Radio Manual, no date
380 pages, 359 models

 You can click this link for a general view about this type of manuals.


Cover picture by courtesy of ZTL, July 30, 2010

Wuxiandian (pinyin = wú​xiàn​diàn​) 无线电, English: "wireless electric" and Shouyinji (pinyin = shōuyīnjī  收音机) "Radio" and xiànlù 线路 circuit tújí 图集 "Atlas".
Up to now we don't know when this manual was first printed.

无线电收音机 线路图集
I received this manual from member Songping Wan, Shanghai, but we all know now that it is not an official manual but simple hand made schematics with quite some errors. On the other hand it is a good source for creating new models on the basis of these schematics. I entered the first page of the 4-page-index. Primary file was at OKXIA. Unfortunately "their" scan was done in black and white and the boards are not visible - that part is nearly useless.


380 pages, incl. 4 pages of index, 359 models up to page 370, followed by 4 pages tube base drawings, 3 pages cord mounting and 3 diverse information pages.
Because the models are listed by brand and number, the pages do not start in a page sequence.
Item one is page 1 = Baihua 百花 7P2, item 2 is T-791, page 333 etc.

Work carried out
Heribert Jung has put them into PNGs. I have entered the model list into an Excel by finding the Pinying name. With that list, my daughter Monique can change the file names and reduce the number of grey scales to 4 or 2 for the few ones with more than 300 KB and to turn them anticlockwise - to get portrait format (better use of the space). Then they are ready for upload , after I created the models - which has grown to 60 % of the models on July 19th. I entered the manual for the Schematic Finder.

Reference name on model pages:
02-Radio Manual, no date, 380 pages, 359 models.
Year used when not known (almost all of them): 1966??
In fact they can have any year.

Picture legend for uploaded pictures:
There are NO PICTURES!
Reference model: Baodeng 宝灯 710-5
If new pictures have been added you have to select the reference picture to this manual.


Schematic Finder: (accessible for members only)
02-Radio Manual unknown date, 380 pages.

To be done:
There are quite some models for which we have not yet traced the manufacturer. We have to find out by perhaps asking somebody to check the plans uploaded for models at "manufacturer"  A 规定 provisional.

Enter the missing manufacturers. Finding of names of manufacturers, presently under aaa...  This has been sent to me by Taili ZHANG on July 31. That is a big help for me, thank you.

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