5Z4G Supplied as 5V4G

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Roy Johnson
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09.Jul.08 14:13

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Some specimens of 5Z4G manufactured by STC/Brimar in the UK are actually 5V4G tubes. These bear the manufacturing code "133".

It is suggested that it was more economical to cease production of the lower-rated 5Z4G and supply the 5V4G design.  However both tube types were offered at the same price by Brimar from at least 1947 (when the designs were different) through to the end of production. 

The Ferranti-badged  specimen of 5Z4G shown in the museum  HERE is of the 5V4G STC construction with the winged anodes with 4 holes in each wing.

This is just one example of manufacturers marketing the same item under different labels.

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