A curious use of atomic energy.

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Pier Antonio Aluffi
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In Italian magazine "Oggi", February 1951 the underlying two images were published and the original legends translated into English are reported.

New York. General David Sarnoff, president of RCA (Radio Corporation of America), one of the most important American radio companies, shows the pocket atomic battery model, recently announced as one of the discoveries destined to revolutionize the field of technology. This is the first practical method to transform atomic energy directly into electrical energy: the atomic battery is placed under the transparent plastic cover. Connected to it are wires that make a telegraph device work, of which David Sarnoff (who began his career as a telegraphist) presses a button. The first message sent by Sarnoff was of only three words: “Atoms for peace”.

New York. A section of the pocket atomic battery, whose applications, as can be guessed, are endless. The electrons radiated by the radioactive source are multiplied (up to 200,000 times) by the semiconductor and by the "transistor", formed by a germanium crystal, so that an electric current is produced at the ends of the conductor. A battery of this kind was already built around 1910 by Moseley, the great English physicist who died very young in 1915 in Gallipoli, but today's novelty consists in the greater practicality of the RCA battery.


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