Adding Knobs as models

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? Adding Knobs as models 
07.Feb.18 00:53

Gary Cowans (AUS)
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Gary Cowans



Every collector has a box of radio knobs in their workshop.


I have proposed Marquis as a manufacturer who made radio knobs among other Bakelite and plastic products for Australian industry.


Marquis knobs are usually easy to identify and relate to a catalogue type number.


The hard part is identifying which models they were originally used on.


Do you think its worthwhile making individual knob models so that collectors can relate these to a radio madel.

Can I have your thoughts on this?




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Adding Knobs as models 
07.Feb.18 08:57
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Michael Watterson (IRL)
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Very many UK models used the same knobs, also some identical knobs were used in UK on a range of unrelated makes 1950s to 1960s. There were also maker specific and model specific knobs, but the actual manufacturer would usually be unknown.

So I'm not sure how useful this is.

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Radio knobs as modelpages 
09.Feb.18 10:42
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Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Gary poses a good question, because i can remember the swap meets with such boxes and you had to find "your" knob in a mess ... instead each or each set of knobs put into a plastic bag and named. This then resulted in a lot of sets with wrong knobs and I'm sure we show also some of those ...

In General we can set up pages for knobs if there is a company with nice literature with pictures and perhaps descriptions - as we do also for instance for potentiometers etc. For this we know the type- category: Radio part (not a module) 

It is fun to use the "Advanced search for antique radios etc." by only selecting in "Category" for Radio part, get the result (1000 pages) and then click the red "picture gallery". And you then also know what you can do.

Look for instance this outstanding construction of a potentiometer - or this one.- but also for common ones can be created a website, but not like this.- or this - in such a "common case". Here we would expect more written details in the notes, which is essential for finding by Google and helping other people. Could be something like this - or this - or even more - if possible, written information in the notes.

The more we can put into the notes, the better. Can even be purpose of such an item, how to handle it, how to repair etc.

Back to the knobs: We have to differ between productions of the time or later production for replacements. For the German language we carry some specialized pages. But I see also some for English. Just use the operation I outlined in bold. You can first sort by year!

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