Admiral coding in the early 60s on Y plus 4-digit models

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Ernst Erb
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In 1960/61 Admiral started a rather big range of small radios with or without clock or alarm clock with a coding starting with Y, followed by 4 number digits. But the start was with Y7.., Y8.. and Y9.. - an Y with 3 number digits. This range ended probably with Y86.. in 1963/64. In that period there is only a very few models which do not fit into this system.

On Y-4digit numbers, digit position 3 is indicating a case name and
digit 4 the case color(s).

The chassis begins always with the number of tubes or transistors.

There is also a mixed 4-digit range like Y853B (chassis 5B5B) etc. And there are models with more digits like Y2238GPS with chassis 6M3C or Y2301GP (6M3D). Before the Y... Admiral made also models like 4Y11 (chassis 4y1) with a digit in front of the Y. Before the above mentioned period simple 3 digit numbers were common for Admiral , sometimes followed by a letter - but also models like 4L...
After above mentioned period, the Y was followed by a letter.

To our present knowledge model ranges/chassis families are:
Y7..   5E5 (same chassis for models 691 and 692 from before)
Y8..   5A5, 5B5, 5L5, 8T1
Y9..   1F1
Y9.. and Y10.. chassis 5K5.
Y11.. 4E3 with model Y1189 from 1960, perhaps 1959.
Y19.. probably after above period: 20A6
Y20.. 7A2, 7B2C, 7V1, 8A2
Y21.. 7B2B, 7D2, 8D2
Y22.. 6M3, 7B2D
Y23.. 6V3, 7K2, 7L2, 8F2, 8G2
Y24.. 8K2
Y29.. 4P3
Y30.. 4N3, 4P3A, 5B6, 5F6, 5N5, 5S5, 5T5 and 5V5
Y31.. 4R3, 5A6
Y32.. 6N3
Y33.. and Y34.. 4X3, 5D6, 5R5, 6X3
Y34.. 6W3
Y35.. 4A4, D6, 5K6, 5L6, 5M6
Y37.. 5E6
Y40.. and Y41.. (3N1, 4F3, 5K5 = record players with amp.) , 5M5
Y44.. 3PA7 (tuner) and 7N2A (amp.)
Y46.. 4S3A
Y48.. and Y49.. 8P1, 9P1
Y49.. 1F1B, 9P1
Y50.. 2K1, 3L2 (record players with amp.)
Y60.. 3J2A (record players with amp.)
Y81.. and Y82.. 8N2
Y86.. combination of 12A2 + 4C4 + 8D3 

Each of the chassis family can have a different system of cabinet names and color scheme.

Each of the chassis families were treated a bit different. In common they have the case designation codes.

Example on case names for the Y33 series:
Y33.. are having the chassis 5D6 (like 6D6A, 6D6B, 6D6C, 6D6D, 6D6E and 6D6F).
One common schematic is for 6D6A, B and C for which Beitman lists 14 models (missing the model Y3343 "Lyric" in Ermine White. Other Y33.. are not included below:

Digit 3:
2 = Overture
3 = Serenade
4 = Lyric
5 = Duet
6 = Tempo
7 = Fiesta
8 = Marquis

Digit 4:
0 = grey
1 = black, here "Baltic Black".
2 = white, here "Coral White".
3 = white, here "Ermine White".
4 = pink, here "Cameo Pink".
6 = yellow (incl. gold), here "Ming Yellow".
7 = beige, here "Brighton Beige".
8 = green, here "Grotto Green" or "Tempra Turquoise".
9 = blue or grey (am = gray), here "Beryl Blue", "Beyl Blue/White") or "Magna Gray".

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