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agabaltic: agabaltic: AGA BALTIC 332

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Júlio Branco
Júlio Branco
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25.Jan.06 23:32

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Dear Radio friends

Here I'm presenting to you a small example of one's love for old radio sets.

 Once upon in my village I was practicing physical exercises, when I suddenly noticed that a "dying set" "asking for assistance" had been thrown down on the ground close to a dustbin.

Then I looked at it and I thought…I thought more and I decided to carry it to my home.

 After a hard work, searching for the right wood pattern to replace the missing cabinet's top (the hardest task), I shaped the wood, and I settled it and I laid it on set.

 After the top placement, I prepared it for the final finishing.

I striped all the old varnish with a sand paper. I applied a light coat of wood stain. I let dry for a long time and then I applied several coats of a peculiar varnish. Here it is the result.

About the electronics:

 It was found only one tube (UBF11). I had to buy the missing tubes in a German site in Internet.

Also the output transformer was damaged (burned).  Winding was replaced, and there it is working.

 The loudspeaker was damaged too. Coil was glued to magnetic core, (rusty problem).

A new cone was replaced by a new one.


So it is now , this Agabaltic 332 :


Best regard's

Júlio Branco, from Lisbon


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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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26.Jan.06 07:03

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   2 Dear Júlio
You have done a wonderful job here. I congratulate you!
I find it very well done that you wrote an article about this - and one in Portuguese where you received answers of two other Portuguese collectors within 24 hours. That is a good sign also for the RMorg ... ;-)

I would suggest that you describe HOW you have done this - step by step like in a cook book. Take your time for that. Not in English but in Portuguese what is probably easy for you. This could attract more Spanish speaking and Portuguese speaking collectors - and I would like to feature that article then as a general link. Please tell me when you have finished it - well, if you do so.

I'm glad that I can tell here that you also show a nice collection here and have uploaded schematics, added data to models and brought 14 new models. You also brought a new maker and a tube version. All this shows that you care very much for antique radios and for RMorg. Thank you.

I have to add here, that I wondered if you come first if I type your name, Julio Branco, to Google. Yes: Nr. ONE of a million answers - and that president comes at place 3 ... ;-)
You could write some more text about you, if you like and even link the article in Portuguese to your profile when the part "How to do" is finished. Just click your name when you are in the HP (homepage of RMorg, search page for models) and then click the bottom link "Edit profile". From your collection page you can also upload some family photos or shelfs with radios etc. by clicking there "Upload".
You also have photographed your models in a good way but I would take them in an angle of 15 degrees (each) from top left or top right.

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