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aluminum antenna paper

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller
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28.Nov.19 03:41
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Are there any sources for the "aluminum paper" used inside radios for the FM antenna? The radio I'm looking at (Grundig 2420U) originally had the FM antenna leads (spade lugs) screwed to the aluminum paper, which was glued to the roof of the cabinet interior. At some point, the paper was torn and the connections were broken.

I'm finding "aluminum adhesive tape" online, which seems like it may work, but are there other suggestions, or a purpose-built product? What about using a foil-lined cake box? That would have the paper and foil already merged. Other ideas or solutions?

Gary Tempest
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28.Nov.19 09:26
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Sometimes under the chassis ali foil is used for screening.  In the past I have replaced that with solid thinnest ali sheet.  It might be possible to do that for the aerial as well.


Steffen Thies
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28.Nov.19 21:50
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Your cake box solution is probably best to cut precise shapes. Actually a swedish company is or was offering a laser-cut derivative of their drink box sheets as cheap RF-ID antenna.