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? autophon: Royal-Tisch-Kombination 
13.Mar.09 23:03

Sándor Selyem-Tóth (H)
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No fixed rules please - I thought ... 
14.Mar.09 09:02

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Dear Sandor
I understand your question because picture administrators have deleted some of your excessive pictures. This question is not for the model. I moved the thread to the internal "General" board.

We know two kind of equipment and the different interests of members. The picture admins have to be free on decision based on what is needed.

In case of a very rare and older model we can not have strict rules. In special cases every part may be essential for knowing how it was originally and how it was placed. Then we allow many more pictures than for sets which are common and in solid state technique. In this case you refer to, a member has asked in the forum for detailled pictures. It is for a set which has been changed - including tubes! All together there were 100 made of this rare and very robust built receiver - we know only of two sets ...

This will explain now why you find here so many photos from the inside of the chassis. It took me 6 hours to do the job. You will see that every picture has the maximum size in pixels (933 wide or 700 high) and the quality is not too bad.

In general:
We allow and would like to have one "front picture" which should not be direct from the front but in an angle of 15 degrees from side and above. A picture from sides which are having anything like knobs or other elements, the picture from the rear, one from the chasssis and plate or sticker. Chassis inside and scale if special. Normally that's the lot - would be a maximum of 8 to 9 pictures - except some similar (angle) with same content are already made! There are exceptions where we want to show details of the scale or in the chassis or the loudspeaker. But as you read: Exceptions.

If such pictures are there already in good quality and you don't show something new you better leave it because doublets will be deleted - sometimes (more and more) after the acceptance of the ordinary picture admins. But every member has the right to upload a "front" picture - even if there are 100 there - if it is of his collection (or ex collection).

I guess we ended up now with a rule ;-)

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14.Mar.09 11:13

Sándor Selyem-Tóth (H)
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 Dear Ernest, Thank You!

Your made light!



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26.Mar.09 11:21

Mark Hippenstiel (D)
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Mark Hippenstiel

In case there is no further question open, as is the case here, please select "Information" instead of "Question" for the reply.

Otherwise an additional post (like this) is needed to conclude the topic.

Thank you,

Also, please move this thread from the model.

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