Bags and Pocket-size radio replacement battery cover

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Bags and Pocket-size radio replacement battery cover  
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Sándor Selyem-Tóth (H)
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I think that every radio collector has encountered this annoying problem. Especially disturbing is the issue but if it is not a simple device such as a World recevier is valuable. 
So I went to, among others, the Sony ICF-4900 ( and the Sangeet with ATS-803A ( . html), the latter with the original carton, AC adapter is there, but it is not the cover, that is already there! 
I will not go into more detail I will give some idea of the problem. 
The replacement basically two ways, one of a sheet of plastic, metal prostheses, using different parts brought together. 
A much more elegant, however, made the cover sheet of metal. 
Merit consideration range of materials: aluminum, galvanized sheet, copper, and possibly 0.5-mm stainless steel, the rest is up to. 1 mm of free thought. 
The sizes of individual solutions, workmanship, I can not speak more attached two photos of the two-device connection. The problems are most critical part of the spring-loaded, stuck ear development. 
Most importantly, however, what words should be pronounced in the surface 
Is not it seems to the traditional painting, but what better, more durable 
aesthetic of the sintering, plastic powder coating. What a nice interface to long-term, I believe can be shiny or dull skin surface patterns can choose the latter device is a lot of texture pass. 
2009th december 


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