crosley: Ch= 7H3; 72LB Lowboy

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Dave Turner
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05.Jul.12 21:01

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After collecting dust for three years I sent this chassis off for repair to find out that the transformer was shorted out, the speaker was shorted out and other major problems.  Turns out the repairman had another 7H3 chassis in a bad tombstone cabinet.  We worked a deal and he repaired that chassis for my loboy cabinet.  She's up and running now!

A big thank you to Mario and all the rest of you who helped me.  I've uploaded some pictures of the finished project.  It plays beautifully with excellent reception on the broadcast band, but few stations in my area for good a.m. selection.


Mario Bermejo
Mario Bermejo
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10.Jul.12 04:02

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Great to hear that you finally have it working Dave, congratulations!