DCG4/1000A (DCG4/1000A)

Jacob Roschy Martin Renz Ernst Erb Bernhard Nagel Dietmar Rudolph † 6.1.22 Eilert Menke 
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Jan Terranea
Jan Terranea
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27.May.10 13:12

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In my opinion all DCG4/1000 variants have a filament voltage of 2,5 volts.

So the here stated 4 volts must be wrong.

I do not see (yet) a way to propose a change to the data of this tube.

I came upon this electron-tube because it looks to me as a replacement for the DQ2a or the 866A.

The DQ2a is part of my collection.

reference: P.H. Brans vademecum 17th ed., Philips pocketbook for hams 1962.

Best regards,

Jan Terranea.

Jacob Roschy
Jacob Roschy
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27.May.10 20:43

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Hello Jan,

I've changed the filament voltage to 2.5 volts, as this seems to be correct. Thank you for this useful information.

Best Regards, Jacob