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Earlier British/Aust/NZ currency in RMorg (£)

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Martin Kent
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07.Oct.19 01:05
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This post is mostly relevant for the UK, Australia, New Zealand & maybe South Africa.

Up until the 1960's some countries in the British Commonwealth were using British style currency which is reflected in pounds, shillings & pence:

  • 1 pound = 20 shillings
  • 1 florin = 2 shillings
  • 1 shilling = 12 pence (pennies)
  • 1 sixpence = 6 pence
  • 1 threepence = 3 pence (known as a "tikkie" in South Africa)
  • 1 penny = 2 halfpenny

Also to complicate matters countries like Australia right up until the advent of decimal currency was fond of using the archaic term of "guineas":

  • 1 guinea = one pound/one shilling.

The use of guineas in Australia was primarily a advertising ploy to make goods seem cheaper than they actually were.

When adding the price in pounds/shillings/pence in the RMorg model pages I have to decimalise it, which doesn't seem right. I can only decimalise up to the shillings (1 shilling = .05). I unable to decimalise any further & therefore can't show the sixpence or pennies.

In RMorg we can show Imperial measurements & weights, but not currency. Would it be possible in the currency field to have provision to reflect the prices in pounds, shillings & pence? This would be most helpful for mainly pre mid 1960's British & Australian model entries.


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Heribert Jung
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07.Oct.19 01:59
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Hi Martin,
I think it would be possible, but much work for our volunteer programmer.
There are many changes to do, which will take this year and also some months of next year.
It is much easier and faster to write the correct Values into the note and calculate it to decimal for the price feld: 1 shilling = 0.05 pounds. The pennies can be ignored.


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Michael Watterson
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12.Oct.19 14:00
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It's easy to convert Pounds Shillings and old Pence to Decimal GBP:
1) Convert shillings and pence to pence.

2) Divide pence by 2.4 to convert to decimal pence as there are 240 old pence to a pound.

Do put the ISO currency name, such as GBP for UK Sterling Pounds. The Pound in Ireland from 1922 till 30 March 1979 was exactly one UK Pound and in reality based on it till 1978.  Other "pounds" should have the ISO code of the period and not be converted to any other currency.