EF39 (EF39) Mullard Manufacturing Codes

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Roy Johnson
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07.Dec.06 00:21

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Dear Valve Enthusiasts,

There was a recent discussion about the "1002MTA" which turned out to be an EF39 with the metallising and name removed.

The following link gives some more information on EF39 markings from valves of the 1939 to 1945 period (and also mentions similar Octal Mullard valves).

Click here

Best regards and happy collecting and repairing!


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Hans-Thomas Schmidt
Hans-Thomas Schmidt
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09.Dec.06 17:41

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Hello Roy,

behind the listed link, we can found some names with different codification for the EF39:

ZA3493: British code from MOV
ARP34: British army code
10E/11399: Royal air force code
Royal air force code
CV1053: Common valve military code
EF39: European civil common code

OM 6, Cossor
W 147, England
6 M 7 MG, French with metal shield.

In the following link, you can find a list of the coding from british manufacturers. This site is in norwegian language but very interesting:

Best regards,   Hans-Thomas

John Turrill
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09.Dec.06 19:50

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Hello Roy,
                I wonder if you are familiar with Jeremy Harmer's
site, where he has a very comprehensive lot of information on
the British CV (Common Valve) system?
Well worth exploring for military types.----
                    John Turrill.
Roy Johnson
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09.Dec.06 20:44

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Dear Hans-Thomas and John,

Thank you for the comments and the information. Yes, the Norwegian site is very good, I had not seen that one before and there is a lot of interesting data. 

The link that I quoted was actually my own site and it was quicker to expand on the original short note than to re-write here.  The variety of names can sometimes be confusing and  also "equivalent" is quoted instead of "possible substitutes".  That is where we shall have to be careful in the information given in the valve/tube data in this museum. 

I am delighted that there are so many sites taking up the interest in valves and yes, Jeremy's is excellent having started his collection so relatively recently and achieved such a comprehensive real collection.  I often visit and admire!

Thank you both and kind regards,