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EKCO TRG 238 restoration

Jürgen Stichling Ernst Erb Bernhard Nagel 
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Giovanni Saoner
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08.Nov.07 10:38

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   1 Hello, I'm repairing a EKCO TRG 238.
I need service manuals/sheets for a Garrard RC110.
I need also a Garrard RC110 fully functionally.
I'm interested to buy also service manuals/sheets/diagrams for a EKCO TRG 238.
I'm interested also to buy a complete EKCO TRG 238 for spare parts.
Can you help me please?
Kindest regards
Giovanni Saoner
Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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08.Nov.07 11:34

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   2 Dear Giovanni
You are rather new (May 2007) to RMorg and have uploaded 23 pictures and 2 schematics.
You also created 3 new models. Thank you.

I still have to write that this here is the wrong procedure:
You go to the model and click there a link which tells us that somebody is looking for a schematic.
If the model is not existand then you create the model first and then can do it.
Please never ask for sending a schematic (or selling). Keep our spirit please. It is uploading, not sending or selling! This is the only way RMorg grew to the biggest and most interesting site for antique radios with more than 328 000 pictures including 130 000 schematics.

If you don't get a response that way then you can go to the model and post your wishes.
Thank you for your help. I'm sure you will have success if it is at all possible ;-)
Giovanni Saoner
I  Articles: 23
Schem.: 4
Pict.: 73
09.Nov.07 22:57

Count of Thanks: 15
Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   3 Hello, it's true, sorry.
I made the correct way.