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elektronsk: Elektronska Industries Florida Hi Fi Super

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Frank Cuomo
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14.Apr.18 15:51

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 I have  this radio on my service bench now   but having a lot of problem finding  any schematic for it or other  Elekronska  Industries schematics  ...  I have a volume problem , this must be a common problem because there was a guy repairing the same model on you tube and his radio had the same problem. Volume will not  cut out the sound , it would only go down so far  almost half sound but not off ... Does any one know of this fix or has a schematic so as I can see how the  tone and volume  circuits look like  ?

 Did this company distroy all schematics  for their sets . There is virtually  nothing on the web  for service info on the models they made ? 

Dietmar Rudolph † 6.1.22
Dietmar Rudolph † 6.1.22
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14.Apr.18 17:46

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Dear Frank,

please check the EABC80. Probably its pins or the base are not all clean. It is known from the EABC80 that some items will show this effect. In the case the cathode pin ist not absolutely at ground potential, an unwanted detection occurs when loudness potentiomter is turned to zero. Usually this is realized at FM, but sometimes also at AM, see this problem with a "Siemens Schatulle M57".

If you accidently should have an EABC80 with a little thicker pins this hopefully also could remedy the fault.

Regards, Dietmar

Félix Légaré
Félix Légaré
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29.Oct.18 17:52

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Funny, I just bought one Florida and the volume control does the exact same thing on the FM band.