EMG (Elektronikus Mérõkészülékek Gyára)

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EMG (Elektronikus Mérõkészülékek Gyára) 
12.Jul.07 14:09

Laszlo Biro (H)
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EMG (Elektronikus Mérõkészülékek Gyára, Factory of Electronic Measuring Instruments)

The members of EMG were originally the staff of Electronic Instrument Department in Orion Radio Factory in Budapest. During the second WW the increased demand made necessary to establish a separated factory. After several temporary places EMG occupied its final site in 1952. The most significant names in the first staff were the polish Zygmund Tyczynszki and PHD. Techn. Striker György.

After the WW the factory produced tons of measuring instruments for the Soviet Union as (a non voluntary) compensation and started to manufacture both high accuracy devices for laboratories and semi-professional units for smaller workshops and amateurs. The pallet was really wide: stabilized AC and DC power supplies, VTVMs, oscilloscopes, generators, bridges, frequency meters and devices for chemical industry. From the sixties the EMG oscilloscopes were very famous about their similarity to the Tektronix ones but the circuits were unique. There were several really excellent products, like the famous EMG 1555 "Hundred Meg" oscilloscope with dual time base in 1968.

From 1967 EMG developed computers and desktop calculators too. EMG 830 and 840 were mainframe-category computers with two-level internal bus system. Some of them worked for more than 17 years...
The heart of the team was Klatsmányi Árpád.

After 1990 the government decided to load the Eastern export with an extra tax so similarly to several Hungarian factory EMG was unable to pay it and had to cancel its contracts. Soon later the company went to bankrupcy and slowly disappeared.

Now the name of the site is "EMG Industrial Park" and it hosts several different small companies, offices.

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