erres: KY750 (KY 750); Tropenradio

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This article refers to the model: Tropenradio KY750 (Erres, Van der Heem NV; Den Haag)

erres: KY750 (KY 750); Tropenradio 
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John Hupse † 28.9.20 (NL)
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John Hupse † 28.9.20

The two pictures attached to this RMorg model do not show the Erres KY750. They show a radiogram that was made in Indonesia by local craftsmen. Solid tropical wood was used for its hand-made case.

The radiochassis used was taken from a Erres KY750 that was shipped, together with a Garrard RC80 record changer, from Holland to Indonesia in the early fifties. The complete set returned to Holland in 1958, together with its owner.

More details of this unique object will be found in the "Radio Historisch Tijdschrift", issue 3, year 2003.

A Erres KY750 looks like this:

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