** Error after filling in the request form for membership

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** Error after filling in the request form for membership 
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Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

This is a translation by Clemens Willemsen, Netherlands:

Occasionally guests who like to become members get an error page all the time - even if everything is OK in the form. They often don't realize that it is their own system which causes the problem:


You use CACHE in your system or there is a proxy server involved which does that:

If you use cache then it means: Once an error - the wrong page will always appear at your screen. This is because the URL (www address) remains the same. The content may be right and our server would accept it - but your system (PC with software) shows the page in its memory, called cache. Seldom people get their messages via a proxy server which does the same.

What is there to do?

You might try the REFRESH button in your browser. Do this only after changing the missing or false element(s) in the form. The red words mostly tell you what is wrong. Normally the setting is such that with this button the page is forced to come from the server.
Does this not work?

There is a permanent solution:

For MS_IE 6 (others similar):
Click Extras / Internet options / Settings (the third button in the middle section temporary ...)
Click the first (uppermost) round point (this is a "radio button") of 4, click OK and again OK.

For MS_IE 7:
Click "Extras" / "Internet options" then within "Browser History" the "Settings"
Click "New version of ..." the uppermost radio button" (out of 4). 

Normally that should do the trick. If not:

You don't allow cookies. This form needs at least "temporary cookies" to check the session (security). The whole application runs better with "permanent cookies" allowed (as well).

With the link here you can check if you have cookies allowed:

If you have to change:
Extras / Internet options / Data protection
Move the "gliding switch" to "middle". This is normally for all but you could also do that for a site like ours.
You better do the same as well for the "security" (as well as data protection).

You use an (really) old browser or one which is not up to some standards.
You have to use another browser - you can have several on your system.

If all this does not work, then please send a contact form with description of your situation - including error message, your system (PC or MAC, Operating system and version (e.g.: windows 2000), Browser and version). We will try to give you a correct solution.

Normally it is really a cache problem - or you have to find out if you get data through a proxy server.

Added a picture, EE 25.5.05, added MS_IE 7 (19.Jan. 2009)

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Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

I just got an answer from a new member who had difficulties to log in. The story begins with this:

Dear Sir
I continue to be stopped from downloading scematics, being advised that I am a 'Guest' or 'not logged in'.

We had about 3 or 4 mail exchanges and I asked to read this FAQ - nothing helped ...

The solution was this:

Dear Ernest
It is a problem with my ISP - AOL v.9.1. I have just tried logging on using Internet Explorer and all works fine.
Thank you for your patience and advice

I'm glad the new member made it ;-) Maybe he uses CACHE there?
Also other browsers would work like for instance Mozilla Firefox or Safari etc. To change browser for a try is a good idea.
Specially in case of an error it is essential that any CACHE is off. Otherwise your system is lazy and looks up the CACHE in your computer instead of sending out something to the server to get the answer!

See how to handle CACHE for IE:
The words are in German but it is the picture which tells. You start by clicking Extras on top of oyur browswer and then the last "point" - something like "Internet settings" or so ...


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