grundig: Ch= HF10 + NF10; KS590 (KS 590)

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David Marshall
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30.Oct.08 21:38

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Hi all,
My first post here and I'm looking for advice regarding my 1964 Grundig KS590 console. I inherited it from my father and after a friend repaired it in 1998, I had it connected to my tape and cd players. It's just come out of 7 years storage after I recently returned to the US.

My problem is this: While there is an AUX DIN input inside the console for a tape deck, it seems to be broken/chipped. Is there an alternative to using this input? There is a setup on the back with 4 DIN cables emerging from the machine and then connecting to the back . Two of them are marked TA and TB. There is a TA button on the radio panel which I used to use to use when playing via the auxiliary sources. Can I connect a RCA-DIN interconnect to one of those inputs on the back? I have downloaded the schematics here but  as I am not experienced enough I thought I would ask the question.

best regards,


Bart Sporken
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23.Mar.20 11:06
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Hello David,


I just read your message; I also have a KS590 , that i am in the process of restoring.
To help out a purchased a NOS NF10: Through the AUX DIN input i was able to hook up my windows phone through a jack to AUX DIN cable, that plugged into the NF10. Sound comes out of one side (the right side); the left side is still need to repair. But i know that the AUX DIN5 connection works. 

If your AUX DIN input (the middle input on the left of the nf10 unit) is broken for about $3, you could just buy an AUX DIN 5 plug, just google/ebay this unit. It's still standard AUX DIN 5 plus material and compatible what they still sell in stores today. 


Hope that you fixed already in 2008, otherwise hope this helps.