Help with an Unknown Circuit Board

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? Help with an Unknown Circuit Board 
20.Feb.09 08:44

Greg Covington (USA)
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I have this unknown circuit board, specifically the amp section.  It is the classic A/B Transformer push-pull circuit untilizing 1 x AC125, 1 x AC126, and x AC128's.

The only marking on the board is 022 c.

I was wondering if anyone here might recognize this particular board or have any idea on what set it might have come out of?

Looks to me to be of 1963-1966 era...possibly from a Philips? 

I am not sure if it is from a radio, tape or record player.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.




This picture was only about 3 mm wide - but by editing you could "tease" it as I have done now, so that something is really visible. Please ask a moderator if you have any difficulties, handling the forum. Thanks.
Ernst Erb, May 12, 2010


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? Invisible Circuit Board 
05.Mar.09 17:31

Roy Johnson (GB)
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We cannot see any details of the board so that is why we cannot help!

You seem to have edited the picture so that there are only a few pixels in width and also it looks as if the vertical framing covers a lot more than the board.

Perhaps you can make a better picture so that we can help.

If you have problems with editing the picture, you are welcome to contact me directly by email.



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Better View 
07.Mar.09 14:26

Dietmar Rudolph † 6.1.22 (D)
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Dietmar Rudolph † 6.1.22

I copied the picture in post 2 to Word. So the board was visible.

This picture now ist 560 pixels wide and has merely 20.6 KB.

The original picture in post 2 has a size of 1006,71KB, however, it is only 41px wide and 231px high - very strange indeed, and a huge waste of capacity on the server.

Please format pictures for use in the forum alsways in a way that they never exceed a size of 40KB and become not broader than 590px!

Best regards,


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