HOWTO find a model or a tube by its ID-number ?

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HOWTO find a model or a tube by its ID-number ? 
10.Jun.09 18:32

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

Just write the number into the SEARCH field and click the red SEARCH  button.      You find the SEARCH above right on any page.

On the hit list you find as first entry a red line: "Were you looking for a model or tube?" and behind the link "Model" and "Tube". Click the link - and you have the model page.

The SEARCH in General:
When getting the hit list you can change your search but also click a blue info button which explains more - for instance how you can reduce hits by using category:
category:radio - for model hits only - or
category:forum - for all the rest.
category:forum superheterodyne regenerative

It explains also the "Complex search".
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