Identification of Telefunken television?

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Mike Izycky
Mike Izycky
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28.Jul.16 01:27

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Dear Collector friends,

a good friend has asked me to help him identify a recent acquisition, many details of which can be seen here at his website:

Telefunken colour television

The chassis fitted is a type 712 chassis, but seems to be a late version with slightly different circuit boards fitted (e.g. the revised TDA2140/2150/2160 colour decoder).

We do not know if the set was made completely by Telefunken, or the Telefunken chassis was incorporated into the cabinet by another manufacturer. The set has now been restored to working order after finding a number of faults.

Here's hoping you can help!



Steffen Thies
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28.Jul.16 20:39

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Mike, please get some pictures to upload here. Apart from this thread being useless once something is changed I found this site takes ages to load. I interrupted the fun after a minute or so.

Regards, Steffen

Giovanni Cucuzzella
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29.Jul.16 07:31

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Hello Mike,

it seems that it is a 70's Aphelion television set designed by Stephen Foster. More information on the internet are now easy to find.

Best regards


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Mike Izycky
Mike Izycky
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03.Aug.16 22:51

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The owner of the television set has been contacted by Steven Foster, the original designer of the cabinet. Foster confirmed that the cabinets were designed to take several high-end chassis, but Telefunken were by far the greatest in number. The chassis has been dated as week 19, 1977.