Identifying an Australian Kriesler Radio

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Wolfgang Scheida
Wolfgang Scheida
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08.Sep.08 12:41

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Dear Australian radio collectors,

on the enclosed pics you will see my emigrated great-uncle Mr. Egon Herndl in approximately 1960 in Melbourne - Australia († 1960).

Australia Melbourne - Egon Herndl 1960 with a Kriesler Radio

Kriesler radio in detail: Australia Kriesler Radio approx. 1960

It seems that he used two radios. A Kriesler Radio/Phono combination as well as an unknown portable style radio. 

Australia Melbourne - Sydney / Mr. Egon Herndl with an unknown portable radio


Australia unknown portable radio

If you knowing this radios or even my great-uncle Egon Herndl too please do not hesitate to send me an email.


8/2008 W. Scheida Austria/Europe   



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Peter Hughes
Peter Hughes
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22.Sep.19 13:15
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Hi Wolfgang

This looks like a very sad story.

Did you ever receive any help with identifying the radio?

The portable radio looks like a Philips 



Wim Perl
Wim Perl
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05.Dec.19 10:26

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Hello Wolfgang,
This appears to be a Kriesler 'Carry-Gram' model 11-75.  Model info can be found on RM here

Hope this is what you were looking for.  I'll see if I can ID the portable radio for you with further investigation.

best regards,
Wim Perl