jvc: JVC CD-4 Disc Demodulator 4DD-10

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Ross Herbert
Ross Herbert
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25.Aug.19 10:33

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I have been unsuccessful in locating any information whatsover regarding this model. There is an upload for the 4DD-5 on this website unfortunately I am unable to post the link.

The 4DD-5 appears to be a later model since it uses IC's andt he 4DD-10 does not appear to use any.IC's.

According to the CD-4-A Chronology paragraph shown on the 4DD-10 was put on sale in March 1972 and in June 1972 the 4DD-5 was released. This is the only mention I have been able to find anywhere.

I am wondering if anyone might be able to assist with documentation for the 4DD-10.


Bernhard Nagel
Bernhard Nagel
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28.Aug.19 22:28

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Hello Ross,

since the JVC model 4DD-10 isn't listed at RMorg until yet, please first make a new model suggestion to introduce it as a model page. Start from the Home page 'Create new model' and fill in all you now from the unit. Your pictures (in 1400 pixel width) can be loaded to the proposal.

Once checked and approved by the model admins, you can start a schematic search from the created model page. In addition, the request will be show up here: Schematics requested. This would be another chance to find the needed informations.

Thanks and good luck!