allied-rad: Knight Ocean Hopper models 740 and 749

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A Knight Ocean Hopper as shown on this page without the case and without the two mounting holes on the extreme left and right sides (at center height on panel) is model 740.  Any chassis with those two original holes is model 749 as is any Ocean Hopper with the cabinet (the holes are needed for mounting the chassis to the cabinet.) The cabinet is wood but overlaid with unique gray plastic and has a small trap door on top for changing the coils.  Model 740 appears in 1954.  An article on the 740 along with schematic appears in Popular Electronics March 1955.  The cabinet version, model 749 was introduced in about 1956 or 57. A later variation of the Hopper replaced the power choke with a resistor.

The first Knight Ocean Hopper was a metal tube version using a 6C5 and 6J7 making its first appearance with that name in the Allied 1939 catalog.  It required a separate power supply. There were several two-tube versions that followed.  My manufacturer's schematic for the last two-tube Ocean Hopper (a blueprint with white lettering which I will reverse for schematic upload) dated 1953 is an AC-DC set .

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