Kolster Brandes (UK) Model 'numbering' scheme

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Kolster Brandes (UK) Model 'numbering' scheme 
29.Aug.13 22:35

Mike Edwards † 25.10.21 (GB)
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From approximately 1928 to before 1946, an incrementing 3 digit number. "KB" prefix is optional,

From about 1946 to 1964, generally but not exclusively 2 alpha characters followed by 2 numerals; See Below

From about 1965, many models prefix with K
Then by 1968 approximately, it's ITT Branded e.g. ITT KB.

For approximately 1946 to 1964 inclusive:

The 1st letter is approximate year. Some letters are skipped and some years get two letters.

A 1945 to 1946 No production, shortages. Maybe 1944 & 1945 they made some Civilian Sets? 1941 to 1944 likely only Military production if any.

B 1947 (maybe delayed from 1946)

C 1947

D 1948

E 1949

F 1950

G 1951

H 1952

I (Not used, too much like 1?)

J ( not used) 1953 (presumably or did they take a year off?)

K 1954

L 1955

M 1955

N 1956

O 1957

P 1958

Q 1959

R 1960

S 1961

T 1961

U 1962

V (Not used?)

W 1963

X 1964 (some TVs)

2nd letter prefix

A Amplifier / Audio

B Baby mains radio, not always L & M can be even FM only

G Radio Gram function on a Radio

P Portable (seems pretty consistent). Battery valve or Transistor.

M At least MW Mains Radio, not baby or gram

R Radio All Wave Mostly but not always LW MW, SW (can be LW, MW & VHF), if Export then more SW instead of LW. What else might "R" stand for?

RP Record Player without Radio

S Speaker

T Tape or Transportable Radiogram Why is this RT10 not called an RG10? is it because it is Transportable!?




Usually two digits. If a 3rd digit its the same product segment as a similar earlier xYnn model, if a /n suffix then the year letter is when original released and it's a revised design. Letter then isn't the release year.

T Suffix (xxnn/T) is Export (Why "T") What significance is "TL" suffix?


1st numeral Probably just an indicator to identify the style or grade

2nd Numeral
This appears to be consistant and it seems to indicate the type of supply e.g.

0 = AC Mains
1 = Battery
5 = DC/AC mains.


3rd letter
Indicates alternative version e.g.

T=Tropicalised/(export version), L=low voltage(110-125)



ALPHA 1 = year See list for year codes
ALPHA 2 = type A=Amplifier, B=Baby Radio, G=Radiogram, P=Portable, R=Radio, RP=Record Player, T=Tape Recorder, WR=Wire Recorder,
NUMERAL 3 = ?random number? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
NUMERAL 4 = supply 0=AC mains, 1=Battery only, 5=AC/DC mains
ALPHA 5 & 6 = version T=Tropicalised/(export version), L=low voltage(110-125)

There is no detailed consistency:
Models with same digits and different years & same 2nd letter may or may not be similar to each other.

Why are there three different TV letters? Are these ca
tegories of TV?


Mike Edwards, Michael Watterson

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Wartime Civilian Radio by Kolster Brands 
01.Sep.13 13:11
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Michael Watterson (IRL)
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Probably produced from about mid 1944 to 1945. These came in various versions, battery & mains.

Kolster Brandes Wartime Civilian Utility Radio code  U32

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