koy: KTR-1770 (KTR1770);

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This article refers to the model: KTR-1770 (Koyo Denki Co. Ltd.; Kodaira, Tokyo)

koy: KTR-1770 (KTR1770);  
05.Nov.09 17:42

Martin Bösch (CH)
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Martin Bösch

In the German language section, Mr Michael Schott gives a restoration for Koyo's KTR-1770 multi band receiver.
He did found all electrolytic capacitors leaking, cleaning all the PCB boards using Kontakt WL and drying them was a lengthy job.
So he recommends to have a look at Your Koyo KTR-1770's electrolytic caps before the ruin Your set, maybe this problem could be found in other models from Koyo.

This receiver was sold with different designations and was quite popular in Switzerland, so have a look to it's picture and compare with Your multiband receiver of a lesser known brand, maybe it has been made by Koyo (and suffers from similar problems as the KTR-1770.

Thanks to Michael Schott for his contribution

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