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Lafayette Radio Catalog no. 86, 1941-2

Jürgen Stichling Ernst Erb Vincent de Franco Bernhard Nagel Eilert Menke 
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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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10.Nov.09 21:40

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Klick here for "all" Lafayette models.
Use the "Advanced search" for limiting by years - to get the later models.

Lafayette is known as a mail-order catalog business with sales outlets in different cities.See company description and the text about these catalogs.

See also the next main catalog, the Lafayette Radio Catalog no. 87, 1942 copyrighted 1942.

The main catalog before this one here is Lafayette Radio Catalog no. 82, 1941 for 1940/41
But directly next after this catalog here is the Lafayette catalog No. 87 which we miss.

The catalog directly before this Lafayette main catalog is the catalog No. 85 which we miss.



Lafayette Radio Catalog no. 86, 1941-2
Copyrighted 1941 by "Radio Wire Television Inc.".
There are only 6 Addresses given: New York, Chicago and Atlanta as the "Warehouses" - as before and "Local Sales and Display Rooms" are: Boston, Newark and Bronx.
Jamaica, LI, is now missing.

We link this thread to each model from this catalog.
We then have a common text for each model in this catalog and can inform about the specific model year etc. We then don't have to change on each model if we find something new or an error etc.

Content of this catalog:

Page 2: JS-319, JS186, JS187, D-247, D-248. Page 3: MA-322, MA-324, S-165. Page 4: JS-190, JS-188, JS-189, D294. Page 5: C-200, C219, D-251. Page 6: G-331, JS-320, JS193. Page 7: D-233, D-246, B196. Page 8: S-317, T-325, EB-240. Page 9: C-211, C-210, C-205, C-201, C-212. Page 10 (consoles): C-213, FE-286. Page 11 (consoles) B-275, JS-300. Page 12 (consoles) B-274, B-273, B-273W. Page 13 (consoles) FE-255, FE-254.

Page 14: JA-328, FE-142. Pages 16 - 19 (consoles): JS-192 Symphony Period", JS-304, JS-303 Symphonie Modern", TC-297 (19 tube Concerto), TC-299 and TC-287.

Page 20: MA-323 Aviator, MA-3, D-291. The following pages are for tubes, books, communication receivers, beginner's sets and accessories, home electric record players (page 24), pick-ups, meters, test instruments from different brands, speakers, parts, sockets, set builders accessories, tools, fluorescent lamps, gifts, cameras and everything for darkroom outfits etc.


This will be worked on after we could enter the models and pictures for the models corresponding to this catalog. We need the URL for the linkabe of each model to its catalog. A lot of work for this is in the front.

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