panasonic: National T-100MD - Transistor configuration identical to T-1

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Jose Mesquita
Jose Mesquita
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06.Jun.21 15:00
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According the the paper label glued to the inside of the battery compartment door of the T-100MD model, the transistor configuration is the same as seen on the T-100Y model variant. Here is the listing:

  • TR1    2SA241  FM RF AMP
  • TR2    2SA71    FM MIX
  • TR3    2SA71    FM OSC
  • TR4    2SA70    AM OSC
  • TR5    2SA70    FM 1ST IF & AM MIX
  • TR6    2SA70    FM 2ND IF & AM 1ST IF
  • TR7    2SA70    FM 3RD IF & AM 2ND IF
  • TR8    2SB173  1ST AF
  • TR9    2SB173  2ND AF
  • TR10  2SB175  3RD AF
  • TR11  2SB324  OUTPUT
  • TR12  2SB324  OUTPUT

We would need to find a circuit diagram for the T-100MD to know about the rest of the semiconductors in use (diodes).