New Tube Radios in Japan - and membership

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New Tube Radios in Japan - and membership 
01.Aug.09 03:52

Joe Sousa (USA)
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Joe Sousa

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Dear Radiophiles,

I looked through our membership to see if we had a big list of members from Japan. Japan has a long history in Electronics, so this motivated my search.

The total count of RM members in Japan is only 7, however, two of these members have very interesting personal web pages.

One member is Alan Kastner with a personal web page showing very nicely photographed Japanese radios.

Another member is Hidehiro Hirose with an amazing collection of tube radios that he designed showcased in his personal web page. His radios have clear cases that show the inner beauty of his radios.

Hidero's page is another page that google-translate makes accessible to our wide membership. Just paste his URL into the google-translate page for a translation to your language.

I know of another exceptional radiophile in Japan, with whom I have corresponded, is Tooru Kawabata with a personal web page showcasing his pocket radio tube designs, also in clear cases. His page has a fair amount of English text, but you can also fill in the language gaps with google-translate.

Enjoy Japan,



Alan's page:

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