nordmende: Nordmende,: Othello-Stereo Z320 Ch= 2/632 [Radio] ID = 12442

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Daniel Gallant
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17.Jun.19 00:30

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I just purchased this beautiful German Radio and I would ike some advise on trying to turn it on, the sole owner told me that the radio worked great seven years ago which was the last time they listened to it.

It is all in German ..naturally ,I do not even know how to turn it on besides plugging it in the 110 v socket.

this is one I will keep in my collection .

Thank you in advance

Rolf Beckers
Rolf Beckers
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17.Jun.19 12:19

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Dear Daniel,

First of all you have to change the line voltage at the selector switch at the back of the radio to 110V.     ( I assume yo got the radio from Europe and it is connected to 220V) Then yopu have to change the fuse to o.8 or 1Amp as the current cinsumtion is double on 110V then on 220V. For all this you have to open the backplane.

To turn on the radio, just press UKW (what is FM) and if there are no failures at your radio everything should work. 

Regards, Rolf