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Suppliers for Vintage Electronics, Radio Parts, Tubes, etc.

Ernst Erb Bernhard Nagel Martin Renz 
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Thomas Albrecht
Thomas Albrecht
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29.Nov.11 00:46
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The list below shows suppliers in North America for parts and restoration supplies for antique radios, electronic phonographs, tape decks, and TVs.  This list is intended for suppliers that serve unique needs in the vintage electronics community, so the big modern electronics supply houses like Mouser, Newark, and Digi-Key are not included.

This list will be edited and kept up to date as new information becomes available.  Please contact me via email if you would like to recommend another supplier to add, or if you have had any problems with a listed supplier or find that a supplier is no longer in business.

A similar list is being maintained on the Antique Radio Forum here:  ARF Supplier List .

For a similar list of European suppliers, see Aren van Waarde's post below (3rd post in this thread).


General all-in-one supplies for antique radios (tubes; capacitors and other passive components; new and vintage controls; schematics; knobs, dial scales, and other reproduction parts; etc.):

Antique Electronic Supply (
Radio Daze (
Mark Oppat's Old Radio Parts (
Tubular Electronics - Heathkit Manuals (

New and new old stock (NOS) passive components (capacitors, resistors, wire, controls, lamps, diodes, transformers, coils, etc.):

Dave and Babylyn Cantelon - Just Radios (
Light Bulbs:
Wire and Cable (including cloth-covered wire nand Litz):
Antenna supplies (wire, coax, and accessories):
General vintage parts (speakers, controls, knobs, transformers, cabinet parts, etc.):

Play Things of the Past (
Radiola Guy (
Dave & JoAnn Frush (email: parts2many at aol dot com)
Controls and potentiometers:
Vintage knobs:

Julie McCall (email: radiopup at bell south dot net)
Mike Koste - Gobs of Knobs (email: gokmike at gmail dot com)
Barry McDaniel (email:  decoradioman at sbcglobal dot net)
Ruthann Mertl (email:  ruthannie at mchsi dot com)
Jim Sargeant (email:  bsargent at swbell dot net )

Reproduction parts (knobs, pushbuttons, escutcheons, back covers, belts, grommets, shock mounts, clips, wooden cabinet parts, handles, etc.):

Edward Schutz - Renovated Radios (

Grille Cloth: 
Michael Katz (email: radiogrillecloth at gmail dot com)
Dial scales:
Jim Peire - Screen-Tec (email: jpscreentec at aol dot com)
Dial cord (large diameter):

Seattle Fabrics (
Decals, labels, and graphics:

Speaker reconing, driver repair, and speaker parts (e.g., replacement cones):
Ken Gooding - The Repair Shop - tel. +1 208 731 0426
Around the Sound - tel. +1 206 782 7975
R & G Speaker Service - tel +1 310 851 8116
Transformers, chokes, coils, and rewinding services:

EDCOR Electronics Corp. (
Dennis “Doc” Hoyer (email:  autran at aol dot com)
Transcendar (email:  sales at transcendar dot com)
Antique car radio parts (vibrators, voltage converters, dial glass, custom fit speakers, etc.):

Phonograph and tape deck parts (idler and pinch roller rebuilding, belts, cartridges/needles, cartridge rebuilding, etc.):
Fix My Dual (
Vintage TV parts (flyback transformers, yokes, focus coils, vertical output transformers, power transformers, repro backs and HV cages, etc.):

Moyer Electronics (
Bob Dobush - Find-a-Tube (

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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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08.Dec.11 16:39

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Thank you, Tom, that you did solve the question.
We might add also sources for batteries (and other things). I just saw that does not function - but we know also (without the 3W). But may be there are specialized services for our concerns?

I add here a few links to articles which deal with this problem:

Very important is NiMH Battery packs for High Voltage.
Connections is an other topic: Replacing special Batteries by Battery Packs.
Naturally charging Ni-MH battery packs is an other problem to solve.

I see that under the term sources this thread is not within the first. Sources (not resources) has therefore to be used here more often like suppliers, supply, vintag, radios, parts, tubes, repair, repairs, reproduction, restoration, renewal, renovation, service, spair, correction, mending, rebuilding etc. I think suppliers and sources are the most wanted?

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Aren van Waarde
Aren van Waarde
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03.Jan.12 12:02
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Dear all,
Ernst Erb asked me to prepare a short list of hyperlinks leading to suppliers for antique radio (and amplifier) rebuilding/restoration in Europe, based on information presented on my own website. NB some companies are aimed at high-end tube amplifier building rather than radio restoration, although they may supply parts which are of interest for radio enthusiasts. Additions to the list are welcome!
NB By August 15, 2017 seven links proved to be broken. The companies seem to have gone out of business, thus their links have been deleted. I have added several links about suppliers of turntable needles and other turntable-related items (cartridges, arms, record cleaning devices, etc).
Here we go:
General all-in-one supplies (tubes, capacitors and other passive components, knobs):
Acoustic Dimension (Delft, Netherlands)
AquaBlue (Antwerp, Belgium)
Amplimo (Neede, Netherlands)
Audiokit (Aprilia, Italy)
Audion (La Genetouze, France - but international)
Audiotub (Franconville, France)
Banzai Music (Berlin, Germany)
Bastlerbeutel (Berlin, Germany)
BG Electronics (Werder OT Glindow, Germany)
Buerklin (Oberhaching, Germany)
CERES Electronique (Iville, France)
Conrad (Hirschau, Germany)
Frag’ Jan Zuerst (Lehe, Germany)
Klaré (Hoorn, Netherlands)
Military Tubes (Germany)
Partridge Electronics (Benfleet, UK)
Patrizia Pispola (Badiola, Italy)
RadioElec (Saint-Arnoult en Yvelines, France)
Radio Twenthe (The Hague, Netherlands)
Reichelt (Sanden, Germany) NB no tubes
Reinhöfer Electronic (Meuselwitz, Germany)
Tube Amp Doctor (Worms, Germany)
Tubeland (Oberhausen, Germany)
Walter Elektronik (Mannheim, Germany)
Williges Elektronik (Bremen, Germany)
Surplus and vintage parts:
BACO (IJmuiden, Netherlands)
Electronic Parts Outlet (Sneek, Netherlands)
Elektrodump (Heerde, Netherlands)
Helmut Singer (Aachen, Germany)
Oppermann Elektronische Bauelemente (Steyerberg, Germany)
Pollin Electronic (Pförring, Germany)
Van Dijken Elektronica (Groningen, Netherlands)
Grill cloth:
Corrien Maas (Netherlands)
Nicolò Rubini (Italy)
Jukebox restoration:
Jukebox Revival (Etten-Leur, Netherlands)
Capacitors (high voltage):
LCR (Gwent, UK)
Coils, variocouplers etc:
Horst Ribbeck (Schwelm, Germany)
Horst Ribbeck (Schwelm, Germany)
Knobs, switches etc:
Horst Ribbeck (Schwelm, Germany)
THEL Audio World (Staufenberg, Germany)
Dial and rear wall replicas:
Radioland (Lugansk, Ukraine)
Manuals, books:
Antique Radio (Maser, Italy)
Introni (Ancona, Italy): “vecchie riviste”
Nostatech (Netherlands)
Petajaväsi Radio- and Telephone Museum (Petajaväsi, Finland - also radios for sale)
Retrolib (Russia)
Becker (Riemerling, Germany)
Dr.Tube (Drouwenerveen, Netherlands)
Music Angel (Moscow, Russia)
Radio Database (Zetten, Netherlands)
Transformers, chokes:
Automatic Electric (Schagen, Netherlands)
Engel (via HSGM, Walluf, Germany)
Leszek Ogonowski (Olsztyn, Poland)
Lundahl (Norrtälje, Sweden)
Magnetic (Toulouse, France)
Majestic (Poole, UK)
Retro Sound Audio Laboratory (Bischofswerda, Germany)
Rondo (Rodewisch, Germany)
Silvercore (Leipzig, Germany)  
SJS Electroacoustics (Bramhall, UK)
Sowter (Ipswich, UK)
Toroidy (Bialystok, Poland)
Tribute (Zuidhorn, Netherlands)
Welter Audio Electronic (Ulmen, Germany)
Tubes and sockets:
Audiotriodes (Roubaix, France)
Billington Export (Billinghurst, UK)
Edicron (Faringdon, UK)
Globex (Ryazan, Russia)
Golden Middle (St.Petersburg, Russia)
GS Tube (Moscow, Russia)
Halfin (Brussels, Belgium)
Hinkel Elektronik (Primasens, Germany)
Langrex (Bilinghurst, UK)
Moth Group (Bedford, UK)
Rotte (Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands)
Tubes.RU (St.Petersburg, Russia)
Tuborama (Paris, France)
Turntable (needles, cartridges, record cleaning devices etc)
Die Nadel (Dormagen, Germany)
Electro Andijk (Andijk, Netherlands)
Get the Needle (Blackpool, UK)
Mantra Audio (Selby, UK)
Musonic (Watford, UK)
Phonophono (Berlin, Germany)
Pickupnaald (Bergen, Netherlands)
Pickupnaalden (Fluitenberg, Netherlands)
Plattennadel (München, Germany)
Plattenspieler (Mölln, Germany)
Stylus Lady (Lancaster, UK)
Stylus Plus (Leicester, UK)


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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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27.Aug.12 13:27

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Dear Tom
Nearly every week you could do some uptading of this most complete list.
The list gets nealy thousand requests per month ... So your work is not in vain.

Thank you very much for this good service!
Ernest, HB9RXQ

Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
CH  Articles: 5692
Schem.: 13756
Pict.: 31072
16.Jan.13 11:31

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Thanks to Aren van Waarde! Also, he updates regularly with the hints he becomes from members and guests (using the contact form from the bottom link - we will forward to the right person).

It is important that new sources or the changes will not be posted here but told the two members, Thomas Albrecht, USA, or for the other list to Aren van Waarde, NL.
You can always see below posts 1 and 3 when the last update was done.

Thanks for your hints to keep this well up to date.

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Robert Weaver
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11.Mar.17 11:56

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Pacific TV was mentioned as a source for tubes, but I would like to point out that they are also a good source for some obscure schematics (especially some Canadian products), and have been continually adding more to their library:

Edit: I tried to post the link to their schematic page, but when I try to submit the post, it keeps giving me an error message telling me that my post contains a link.

Anyway, it's easy to find the schematics from Pacific T.V.'s main page.

(Please use the link icon within the editor to set a link, thank you)

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Mike Edwards † 25.10.21
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27.Sep.18 12:42

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UK Vintage Radio Service Data.
This website run by Paul Stenning has nearly all of the UK schematics available at a very reasonable price.

The KB Museum Service data
Service data for Kolster Brandes, ITT-KB, ITT, RGD & Regentone radios and audio exuipment.

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Gary Kuster
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07.Apr.20 16:17

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Having just joined this site, I must say how impressed I am with the amount of supplier information available to members. I have been making notes in a book everytime I encounter a good supplier for parts. I no longer need that book! It's all here! 

In these trying times, I'm glad to find a resource like this to explore. I hope to also make contributions with regard to Canadian models and live 1 Km away from the still standing RCA Victor factory in Montreal. I would like to include a link to my local "Tube Guy" in Montreal: 

    Thanks again, Gary Kuster, Montreal