Orthicon development in 1939

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Joe Sousa
Joe Sousa
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15.Aug.09 20:01

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Dear Radiophiles,

I have scanned an article from the RCA Review Volume 4 number 2, published in 1939, about the original development of the Orthicon image tube.

This article contains reference to experimental devices that led to the Orthicon. These devices confer historic context and help explain the many sophisticated techniques embodied in the Orthicon.

I attempted an upload of the pdf, but, at 4.7MB, it breaks the 200k maximum upload limit for a pdf at RM. If anyone figures out a way to upload this article into a public area of RM, or to your personal site, please feel free to do so.

You can download the article in my personal page at.




Gary Brandenburger
Gary Brandenburger
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06.Jun.14 04:10

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Dear Videophiles:

I found this a most enlightening and enjoyable article, well worth archiving in RM. Therefore I converted the article into an all-new PDF with searchable text which also includes the graphics. I made it into 2 files each of which is smaller than RM's 200 KB limit:

pages 1-9 (192 KB file)

pages 10-15 (216 KB)

To reduce file size, I included the biographies (with photos) only for the 2 authors of this article - which is why it is only 15 pages.

For the record, I converted the article into text using an OCR program and then reconstructed the article in MS Word with original formatting and photos. I then converted the document into two pdfs each smaller than 200 KB. It looks better than the original and is searchable.

I attempted to attach the two PDF files to this message but the server would not accept either of them.

May I upload this into RM and if so, where and how?

Best regards,


Peter Scott
Peter Scott
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02.Jun.16 11:20

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Unfortunately the Orthicon_RCA_Review_V4-2_1939.pdf link appears to be broken

There are other interesting RCA Review issues here but unfortunately not V4-2.

Bernhard Nagel
Bernhard Nagel
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02.Jun.16 12:06

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Dear colleagues,

since  2011 multipage PDFs can be assigned to a) model pages and b) to a valve/tube page. Limiting file size is 6 MB which in most cases should be adequate.

So if a matching "model" exists, the (to RMorg guidelines edited) multipage pdf can be uploaded there by some admins. More infos can be found here.

Maybe a new page for the referred Orthicon image tube in the 1939 article must be created in advance. A tube admin will help here. A generic model could be a solution.

Kind regards,