philips: Philips BX-490A (NL or BE)?

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Rich Post
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26.May.21 17:06

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I uploaded some images of the BX-490A and mistakenly placed them under the BE version of that model, not knowing that there were two distinct versions.  To the appropriate moderator, please re-locate my images to the NL version since the provenance of my set is definitely from NL.  Can anyone tell me the difference between the two models?.  Dank je wel, et Merci,  Rich KB8TAD

Wolfgang Bauer
Wolfgang Bauer
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27.May.21 10:30

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Hi Rich,

Unfortunately, it is not well known that nameplates are very important to identify the origin of a device.
Please upload the nameplate of your device to the model page.

Also see this post about the nameplates:
==> Typenschilder bei Modellen wichtig.

Unfortunately, the English language contribution can no longer be found.

Please see the difference between the nameplates here:
L for Leuven / Belgium
E for Eindhoven / Netherlands

An EAF41 is also mentioned in comments on the model page, but it does not appear in any documentation.

Best regards WB.

Rich Post
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27.May.21 20:41

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Hallo Wolfgang,

To use a couple of American English idioms,"Bingo" and "You nailed it!" It turns out that the radio, although brought over from the Netherlands was indeed manufactured in Belgium.  So what I thought was a mistake turns out not to be a mistake.  

I first encountered and repaired the radio for its owner (who had immigrated it to the USA) when I was a teenager.  He had traded in his Dutch 220 volt radio for this used Philips since it could handle the USA line voltage of 110. When it quit working, no repair shop here would touch it.  So the owner let this teenager try to repair it.

I wrote an article about it in my February 2016 radio restoration column titled ,"The Saga of the Philips BX-490A; Beauty and the Geek" in The Spectrum Monitor magazine. 

Don't worry about languages.  I can figure it out.

It also turned out that the Philips owner had a beautiful daughter.  That helps explain the title to the article somewhat.

Cheers & 73,






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