Photograph of stained glass advertisement of Tesla

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Georges Van Campenhout
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07.Aug.09 20:28

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Dear all,

please refer to picture on manufacturer's overview. I got this answer from the

Prague Information Service
Arbesovo nam. 4
150 00 Praha 5
Czech Republic


It is not a shopping mall really, it is a passage built in 1947 called
Svetozor (named after cinema Svetozor in its area). On your photo there is
the stained glass advertisement of Tesla company -   also from 1947.

It is located near the middle of Wenceslas square, entrance from Vodickova
street and it still exists.

end of quote.



Best regards



Rüdiger Walz
Rüdiger Walz
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30.Jun.18 12:55

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Hier ein Foto des vorher beschriebenen Glasfensters aus der Passage in Prag. Der link funktioniert  leider nicht.