Pionier ZPR - Czecoslovakia 1955

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Oriol Sierra
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27.Oct.03 17:36

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I've recently purchased an old radio in Poland, manufactured by Z.P.R. PIONIER
in Czecoslowakia in 1955 (mod. Pionier-Czecoslovakia 1955). The photo is below.

I am currently restoring it and I am looking for information about the
history of this company (that I think was a subsidiary of Philips) and
if possible, technical information about this model. Could you maybe
help me to find out where can I find this information?


Dirk Becker
Dirk Becker
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27.Oct.03 18:26

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Respuesta  |  Usted no ha entrado su «login».(Invitado)   2 I found some information by googling "Pioner U2". U2 is afaik the type name of the set. I repaired one some years ago for a friend of mine. Attached to this answer you find some alignment information which I wrote down, when I was repairing the radio. Perhaps it's a bit helpful for you, even it's in german.


P.S.: some links (the second link contains a schematic):


Henryk Fidos
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04.Dec.03 16:46

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Presented radio "Pionier" has been produced in Poland in Z.P.R. - Zaklady Przemyslu Radiowego (it means - Factory of Radio Industry) - later "Diora", in Dzierzoniow (Silesia). Not in Czechoslovakia. There were different models of above radio in different housings - wooden or bakelite. I have six different in my collection.The model in the same housing with power transformer was called "Mazur". 

- Henryk

Eilert Menke
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14.May.04 10:24

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please take a look here:

Regards, E.M.