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John Kusching
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Here are the statistics for 2014, which have been created similar to the 2013 Statistics, the 2012 Statistics, the 2011 Statistics and the 2010 Statistics. In the 2009 Statistics, one can also find the answers to: What are we ?; What we have created ?; Where to get help ?; Has the work paid off?

For several years, the statistics have been published only in German: ie 2006 (Flashback), 2007 (Anthill), 2008 und 2009 (see above). Located here is the legal basis and Continuity for the "Radiomuseum Foundation in Luzern". Summary for 2014 (Statistics)

Before you read any further, the most important thing:
Behind these figures are members who voluntarily and generously provide data and pictures or administer and manage data and pictures that have been submitted.
As someone from USA wrote to Ernst:"I expect to be able to get information about a model without having to search all over the Internet for it.”
Yes, that is how RMorg is set up.  Discerning users recognize from the outset that here, information and material for research, is organized in a completely different way from the hundreds of other radio websites.

Regarding the year 2014: The financial figures are not yet completed, however it is clear that the goal to cover all costs has not yet been realized.  An experiment which involved a large development effort to create a different method for the UACS has failed.  There was also a plan to increase income, which we were not able to put into place.  In 2015, we are now without ANY employed programmers. The focus is now on reducing the costs rather than increasing the revenue side.

Nevertheless:  We are considering options on increasing revenue via controlled advertising with increased visits to the Radio Museum website.  Allowing free access to schematics by guests is one option being considered that would increase activity on the website.  That should increase the budget for programming.

In each category of the statistics there is a list of the top 20 most active members. BUT we do not diminish the work of the less active members and would like to thank everyone for their participation in this enterprise, which helps all collectors.  Every one of the 13,948 members can click on “data change” under “Questions and uploads” on any model page and see who has contributed to the model in question and can also suggest improvements.
As we know only by virtue of messages, whether a member is still alive - and these reports are sketchy, we abstain to name the deceased members here.  But an exception is now made, as it relates to a member who could advise all of us in the Radio Museum family:  Konrad Birkner.  He left us on August 12, 2014. was closed for 24 hours on the day of the funeral to show respect for him and his family.  He contributed greatly to the Radio Museum cause and was a good freind to many of us.

The most active contributors based on the 2014 figures.

In 2014, a total of 16,358 new models were added (17,300 in 2013, 19,907 in 2012)
so that at the end of 2014 there were 255'987 model pages available on the website (239,629 in 2013, 222,284 in 2012).   The latest Model status divided by country can be found with this link.

The following table is a list of the top 20 members who created new model pages:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Wolfgang Scheida * A 2368   Alan Larsen * USA 274
Franz Scharner * A 1472   Heiko zur Mühlen * D 259
Mark Hippenstiel * D 1051   Daniel Rosha (new) IR 257
Noemi Erb * D 852   Dirk Taekels (new) B 243
Sandor Selyem-Tóth * H 734   Manfred Rathgeb (new) D 208
Michael Mischke * D 713   Otmar Jung * D 206
Ernst Erb * CH 533   Konrad Birkner *† D 183
Manuel Albano Neves (new) P 518   Stuart Irwin * AUS 155
Ernst Wagner (new) D 494   Edoardo Sigismondo (new) I 152
John Kusching * USA 383   Gottfried Silberhorn * D 135

The 20 most active model contributors live in 10 different countries. In total, 797 members have proposed at least one new model (866 in 2013, 822 in 2011). * indicates also on last year’s list.

Just as important are the 113,093 Model Updates and enhancements (122,805 in 2013, 127,182 in 2012) for the 27,237 Models from 2014 (30,103 in 2013, 32,670 in 2012), to which the following top 20 members have contributed the most:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Mark Hippenstiel * D 10'329   Hans-Joachim Korn * D 2470
Konrad Birkner *† D 9298   Radiomuseum Olen * B 2165
Bernhard Nagel * D 9045   Dirk Bladt (neu B 2051
Arpad Roth * A 8408   Michael Mischke (new) D 2034
Ernst Erb * CH 8070   Wolfgang Eckardt * D 1818
Gidi Verheijen * NL 7888   Otmar Jung * D 1500
Michael Seiffert * D 7836   Wolfgang Scheida (new) A 1452
John Kusching * USA 7721   Sandor Selyem-Tóth * H 1275
Noemi Erb * D 6125   Franz Scharner A 1220
Maarten Bakker (new) NL 2516   Daniel Rosha (new) IR 857

Each of these suggestions or proposals must be checked by 2 separate administrators and found to be correct.  Often correspondence must be exchanged in order to check and clarify the data. However, it is clear that a model administrator cannot always know as much about a model as the proposer who has the item in front of him, so administrators can only really fully check the salient points.  Unfortunately, quality of the proposals vary widely. 564 members have proposed model changes in 2014 (627 in 2013, 629 in 2012, 599 in 2011, 517 in 2010).

Here is the summary of the Top 20 most active Model Administrators, listed in order of the number of checks made in 2014:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Arpad Roth * A 24'580   Dirk Taekels * B 2496
Bernhard Nagel * D 22'933   Stephen Masek (new) USA 2214
Gidi Verheijen * NL 18'796   Wolfgang Eckardt * D 2127
Michael Seiffert * D 12'332   Rodney Boleyn (new) USA 1548
Hans-Joachim Korn * D 12'184   Wolfgang Scheida * A 1232
Mark Hippenstiel * D 10'512   Eilert Menke * D 1110
John Kusching * USA 8229   Hans-Werner Ellerbrock (new) D 1019
Maarten Bakker (new) NL 5399   Ernst Erb * CH 845
Dirk Bladt B 3643   Michael Watterson * IRL 703
Konrad Birkner *† D 2952   Alan Larsen (new) USA 527

Ernst Erb and I can also correct errors or create model pages directly.

The top 20 most active members who have uploaded pictures in 2014:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Wolfgang Scheida * A 11'006   Mark Hippenstiel * D 1552
Sandor Selyem-Tóth * H 6819   Gottfried Silberhorn * D 1320
Noemi Erb * D 4019   Bartosz Szwed (new) GB 1107
Franz Scharner * A 3793   Daniel Rosha * IR 1099
Manuel A. Neves (new) P 2578   John Kusching * USA 913
Alan Larsen * USA 2398   Manfred Rathgeb * D 809
Peter Roggenhofer (new) A 2376   Tullio Milanese (new) I 806
Edoardo Sigismondo (new) I 2313   Holger Struthoff * D 714
Ernst Erb * CH 2254   Jörg Holtzapfel (new) D 706
Jürgen Küting * D 2143   Werner Wussow (new) D 688

Hinrich Grensemann, Karlheinz Gützlaff and Albert Weiss had the great task of checking and accepting the numerous images before they could appear on the site.
In 2014, 1433 members have uploaded at least one model image (1501 in 2013, 1481 in 2012) and at the end of 2014 we feature a total of 727,064 Model images (629,241 at the end of 2013, 520,684 at the end of 2012) for 171,566 models (155,736 models at the end of 2013, 137,495 models at the end of 2012).

Schematic diagrams are an essential part of our appeal. As of January 1, 2015 we feature a total of 120,187 Models that show at least one circuit diagram (115,062 in 2013, 109,383 in 2012)  with a total of 639,541 diagrams altogether (595,189 in 2013, 528,565 in 2012).
The top 20 most active members that have uploaded schematics:

The top 20 most active members that have uploaded schematics:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
John Kusching * USA 9375   Daniel Rosha (new) IR 624
Ernst Wagner * D 5291   Josef Pilz * D 575
Heiko zur Mühlen * D 4863   Jean Marchal (new) F 544
Dirk Taekels (new) B 2782   Heribert Jung * D 542
Rolf Hülnhagen * D 1912   Werner Wiemer (new) D 537
Radiomuseum Olen * B 1683   Rudolf Müller * A 500
Eduard Abfalterer * I 1522   Otmar Jung (new) D 383
Friedrich Weber *† D 1208   Manfred Rauschen * D 377
Arpad Roth * A 818   Miguel Bravo-Cos * E 341
Geerd Schulte (new) D 698   Jean-Luc Potard (new) F 319

In 2014 a total of 507 members have participated in uploading schematics (539 in 2013, 589 in 2012), of them 387 uploaded more than one schematic (414 in 2013, 447 in 2012). In total, 55,648 diagrams were uploaded in 2014 (66,624 in 2013, 175,181 in 2012).
We have a very significant number of additional schematics and documents that need to be scanned and uploaded, but we more help in getting this material into the website.  Can anyone help us with this task?

Another attractive feature is the 184,439 pricing data paid by collectors (168,225 in 2013, 145,737 in 2011) that are available for 45,291 models in 2014 (43,037 in 2013, 40,480 models in 2012).

Here are the top 20 most active members that have uploaded prices for 2014:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Martin Steyer * D 6012   Frithjof Grassmann * D 205
Lindsay Shepherd * AUS 2013   Heino Stell (new) D 119
Dieter Michel * D 876   Valentino Tancredi (new) I 112
Günther Stabe * D 604   Alfred Freinberger (new) A 81
Wolfgang Scheida * A 598   John Richards (new) USA 80
Bernd Kieck * D 579   Kurt Graf (new) D 78
Jörg Rennebarth * D 504   Andreas Schubert (new) D 78
Klaus Gordziel * D 367   Klaus-Hartwig Müller (new) D 71
Michael Mischke (new) D 318   Karlheinz Fischer (new) D 67
Theodor Lanzl (new) D 210   Harald Schlosser * A 56

Albert Weiss is the collectors’ price Admin.  We should find an assistant to help him with this work.

Tube images etc. (BiX):
We accept images of tubes, semiconductors, company photos.
Here are the top 20 most active members who have uploaded Tube images for 2014:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Günther Stabe * D 3704   Patrice Zeissloff * F 376
Heribert Jung (Museen) * D 1797   Franz Scharner * A 357
Egon Strampe * D 1374   Rudolf Osterkamp * D 349
Holger Schöber (Museen) * D 1363   Otmar Jung * D 340
Oskar Elm * D 1329   Wolfgang Scheida (new) A 336
Ernst Erb (Literaturfinder) * CH 660   Justo Puertas-Paule (new) E 328
Günter Kudicke (new) D 552   Aldo Patriarca (new) CH 277
Franz Harder (Literaturfinder, new) D 515   Fin Stewart (new) AUS 266
Michael Mischke (new) D 438   Etienne Flemal (new) B 253
Konrad Birkner *† D 395   Risto Kallbert * FIN 252

Robin Wood, CH has numerous photos tube tested and unlocked. This is also where most tube admins are represented, which can alone create or change tubes - but as a member you can create variants or upload images.

After uploading, we are all indebted to the work of the many administrators.  Members, administrators and moderators of the "Organization" can be reached directly – eg, linguistically improve one of the 35 model admins and the 26 CMS admins, the standard texts etc.  We distinguish nine groups.  As a member you will also find contact admins in the various languages that will help youif needed - and the various image admins. Without such controls, our data would never have the quality that we show. Of course we improve daily - quality is similar to an exponential function and is never 100% achievable!

As a guest, you can contact us and suggest improvements by clicking on the "Contact" link at the bottom of any page.

With regard to the statistical summary of the Forum, it would be misleading to just go by the number of posts. These vary greatly in quality and time involved in creating entries. We can do something by way of the star rating (awarded by members) and reviews (given by guests). We now count 708 threads (586 in 2013) with the following indicated rating: 7 or more ratings of 3 or more stars, 2.37% from 29,898 threads (27,936 from 2013) and 5059 (4317 in 2013) threads that have between 1-6 ratings, which we do not see.

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