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Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
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03.Jan.13 19:37

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Since 2006 I have published a statistic about, but only in German:
Numbers can probably be compared and names, so at least I can introduce here the links:
2006 with a glance back, 2007 (ants work), 2008, 2009 (what are we? What have we built up? Where to get help? Was it worth while?), 2010 and 2011. For the 10th year of operation in this form I thought it is time to have it translated for 2012.

Thanks to Peter Hughes, Australia, for his translation and John Kusching, USA for his adaption, I can present it to you now in English. Summary for 2012 (Statistics)

Before you read any further, the most important thing:
Behind these figures are members who voluntarily and generously provide data and pictures or administer and manage data and pictures that have been submitted.
As someone from USA wrote to me: "I expect to be able to get information about a model without having to search all over the Internet for it.”
Yes, that is how RMorg is set up.  Discerning users recognise from the outset that here, information and material for research, is organised in a completely different way from the hundreds of other radio websites.

In the near future RMorg will also offer schematics in exchange for a small fee.  
The payment is really not for the schematic itself, as such, but will be used to help defray the costs of providing the schematic using the website.  This is similar to the purchase of a printed book containing schematics, where one pays for the preparation of the data in a specific format.  In the case of a book, the payment defrays the printing cost.  In the case of RMorg, the payment defrays the cost of hosting the website and various other costs associated with insuring that the RMorg website is on-line and can handle the large amount of daily traffic.

I continue to be astonished that there are still people who need to be forcefully reminded that:
It is not my website and I derive no monetary gain from it. The website is owned by the not-for-profit foundation "Stiftung Radiomuseum Luzern".  At best it is like a child that I put so much intensive effort into supporting, which includes working well over 70 hours per week and also putting money into the foundation since it is still losing money due to a 100% financed full time programmer.

In each category of the statistics there is a list of the top 20 most active members.
BUT I do not diminish the work of the less active members and would like to thank everyone for their participation in this enterprise, which helps all collectors and not just me.  I am a mere servant in this matter.  Every one of the 10,631 members can click on “data change” under “Questions and uploads” on any model page and see who has contributed to the model in question and can also suggest improvements.

Once data has been uploaded, the work of the many administrators begins. 
We appreciate the voluntary work that these individuals provide since they assist in improving the quality of the data in the RMorg database. 
Members can contact administrators and moderators directly by looking under “Organisation”, where there is contact information for the 39 model administrators and 23 CMS administrators.  We encourage members to contact us to suggest improvements to the language and/or the text. There are 9 different categories of administrators. 
Members can also find the contact information for the language administrators, who can help  in one of the languages indicated by the national flags – as well as the various picture administrators.  As an example, on December 30, 2012, 707 pictures were uploaded to model pages, with the Picture Administrators reviewing and approving each one of these pictures.  This is an example of only one of the many categories where voluntary work is done in order to insure the quality of the data on the website. 
Without this level of control, the data would never have the quality which RMorg provides
Even though 100% perfection will never be obtainable, improvements are made every day and the quality of the data on the RMorg website is continuously improving.  For you as a guest, the opportunity to contribute to this improvement is in your hands via the Contact link at the bottom of every page.

The most active contributors based on the 2012 figures.

In 2012, a total of 19'907 new models were added (19'960 in 2011)
so that at the end of 2012 there were 222'284 model pages available on the website (202'377 in 2011).   The latest Model status divided by country can be found with this link
The following table is a list of the top 20 members who created new model pages:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Wolfgang Scheida * A 2028   Mark Hippenstiel * D 487
John Kusching * USA 1373   Hans-Joachim Korn * D 419
Franz Scharner * A 1292   Heiko zur Mühlen (new)  D 300
Irvin Stuart * AUS 1099   Otmar Jung (new) D 293
Ernst Erb *   CH 1010   Gottfried Silberhorn (new) D 224
Konrad Birkner *   D 784   Wolfgang Bauer (new) A 217
Sandor Selyem-Tóth * H 629   Eckhard Wegner * D 217
Achim Eisenhuth (new) D 623   Michael Watterson (new) IRL 204
Alan Larsen * USA 501   Alberto Sanna-Alonso (new) E 188
Timo Rantasaari * FIN 499   Jörg Holtzapfel (new) D 187

The 20 most active model contributors live in 9 different countries. In total 882 members have proposed at least one new model (790 in 2011, 709 in 2010).
* indicates also on last year’s list.

Just as important are the 127'182 Model Updates and enhancements (116'408 in 2011) for the 32'670 Models from 2012 (36'189 in 2011), to which the following top 20 members have contributed the most:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Ernst Erb * CH 23'806   Gidi Verheijen * NL 3194
Arpad Roth * A 10'623   Wolfgang Bauer *  A 3003
Bernhard Nagel * D 10'037   Alessandro De Poi * I 2204
John Kusching * USA 9756   Wolfgang Eckardt *   D 1861
Konrad Birkner * D 7997   Achim Eisenhuth (new) D 1736
Otmar Jung *   D 6844   Alan Larsen * USA 1697
Michael Seiffert * D 6164   Sandor Selyem-Tóth * H 1591
Wolfgang Scheida * A 5890   Franz Scharner (new) D 1423
Mark Hippenstiel * D 5228   Eilert Menke (new) D 1287
Hans-Joachim Korn * D 3496   Michael Watterson (new) IRL 979

Each of these suggestions or proposals must be checked by 2 separate administrators and found to be correct.  Often correspondence must be exchanged in order to check and clarify the data. However, it is clear that a model administrator cannot always know as much about a model as the proposer who has the item in front of him, so administrators can only really fully check the salient points.  Unfortunately, the quality of the proposals vary widely.
629 members have proposed model changes in 2012 (599 in 2011, 517 in 2010). 

Here is the summary of the top 20 most active model Administrators, listed in order of the number of checks made in 2012:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Arpad Roth * A 35'762   Wolfgang Bauer * A 2563
Bernhard Nagel * D 27'538   Martin Bösch* CH 2455
Michael Seiffert * D 19'231   Wolfgang Eckardt * D 2328
Gidi Verheijen * NL 13'320   Albert Weiss * A 2071
Hans-Joachim Korn *   D 8624   Thomas Günzel * D 1506
John Kusching (new)  USA 8576   Michael Watterson (new) IRL 1174
Konrad Birkner * D 8307   Alessandro De Poi * I 972
Eilert Menke * D 6009   Ernst Erb * CH 756
Mark Hippenstiel * D 4691   Gabriel Toth (new) CZ 224
Wolfgang Scheida *   A 2731   Dirk Taekels * B 167

The top 20 most active members who have uploaded pictures in 2012:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Wolfgang Scheida * A 9376   Heiko zur Mühlen * D 1068
Franz Scharner (new)   A 7156   Hans-Werner Ellerbrock (new) D 1020
Ernst Erb * CH 7132   Jörg Holtzapfel (new) D 1015
Sandor Selyem-Tóth * H 5962   Wolfgang Bauer * A 939
Timo Rantasaari * FIN 3607   Alfons Lammers (new) D 934
Alan Larsen * USA 3337   Achim Eisenhuth (new) D 842
John Kusching *  USA 3273   Eckhard Wegner * D 753
Gottfried Silberhorn * D 2131   João-Afonso Santos (new) P 740
Jürgen Küting * D 1390   Otmar Jung (new) D 697
Karlheinz Fischer * D 1255   Michael Watterson (new) IRL 683

Hinrich Grensemann, Karlheinz Gützlaff and Albert Weiss had the great task of checking and accepting the numerous images before they could appear on the site.
In the case of my images, I personally only loaded a proportion of my total.  The remainder were uploaded by a paid assistant.  (The same applies to the schematics.) In 2012, 1481 members have uploaded at least one model image (1269 in 2011, 1079 in 2010) and at the end of 2012 we feature a total of 520'682 Model images (378'888 at the end of 2011) for 137'495 models (117'763 models at the end of 2011).
Schematic diagrams are an essential part of our appeal. As of the end of 2012 we feature a total of 109'383 Models that show at least one circuit diagram (102'279 in 2011, 93'036 in 2010)  with a total of total 528'565 diagrams altogether (353'384 in 2011).

Example USA:
2863 manufacturers/brands show 77,654 model pages, 38,461 models show pictures and 50,182 show schematics. 4472 sticky forum texts on US model pages.


The top 20 most active members that have uploaded schematics:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
John Kusching * USA 42'826   Wolfgang Bauer (new) A 1083
Ernst Wagner * D 3321   Pius Steiner * CH 1072
Eduard Abfalterer * I 3026   Jose Casas-Avalos * E 934
Friedrich Weber (new) D 2748   Jean Marchal (new) F 768
Josef Pilz * D 2718   Heribert Jung * D 623
Wolfgang Michael (new) D 2130   Julián Muñoz Lorenzo (new) E 269
Arpad Roth * A 1933   Rolf Hülnhagen (new) D 489
Howard Craven* GB 1876   Manfred Rauschen (new) D 430
Miguel Bravo-Cos * E 1598   Günter Kudicke (new) D 428
Rudolf Müller (new)   A 1580   Ernst Erb * CH 422

In 2012 a total of 589 members have participated in uploading schematics (522 in 2011, 451 in 2010), of them 447 did upload more than one schematic. In total, 175'181 diagrams were uploaded in 2012 (102'792 in 2011).


Another attractive feature is the 145'737 pricing data paid by collectors (127'904 in 2011, 100,511 in 2010) that are available for 40'480 models in 2012 (available for 37'347 models in 2011).
Here are the top 20 most active members that have uploaded prices for 2012:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Klaus Gordziel * D 2666   Günther Stabe * D 382
Hans-Dieter Haase * D 1802   Bernd Kieck * D 358
Friedrich Weber * D 1740   Dieter Michel * D 263
Wolfgang Scheida A 1041   Wolfgang Lill * D 218
Lindsay Shepherd (new) AUS 1004   Heino Stell * D 203
Martin Steyer * D 767   Gerhard Egger (new) A 182
Frithjof Grassmann * D 730   Harald Schlosser (new) A 150
Stefan Dalke (new) D 719   Karlheinz Fischer (new) D 138
Hans Völkening * CH 500   Kurt Graf (new) D 129
Jörg Rennebarth * D 490   Alfons Meisl * D 128

Albert Weiss is the collectors’ price Admin.  We should find an assistant to help him with this work.

Tube images etc. (BiX):
We accept images of tubes ,semiconductors, company photos.
Here are the top 20 most active members who have uploaded Tube images for 2012:

Name Ctry Number   Name Ctry Number
Günther Stabe * D 3774   Ernst Erb * CH 521
Emilio Ciardiello * I 3434   Rudolf Osterkamp * D 474
Heribert Jung (Museen) * D 2247   George Papaiz (new) CDN 454
Risto Kallberg (new) FIN 1999   Karlheinz Fischer * D 435
Holger Schöber (Museen) * D 1863   Otmar Jung * D 428
Egon Strampe * D 1191   Hartmut Völler (new) D 421
Peter den Boer *       NL 998   Jacky Parmentier * F 419
Reinhard Riek (new) D 917   Franz Scharner (new) A 402
Wolfgang Scheida (Museen) * A 787   Stig Comstedt (new) S 362
Patrice Zeissloff * F 622   Patrick Marinus (new) B 313

Peter  Steffen, CH, has examined and approved the numerous tube images. Most of the tube admins are represented here too as only they can create or alter tube entries. As a member, however, you can create variants. 

With regard to the statistical summary of the Forum, it would be misleading to just go by the number of posts. These vary greatly in quality and time involved in creating entries.  We can do something by way of the star rating (awarded by members) and reviews (given by guests).
Thomas Günzel has now completed  Scanning via OCR-recognition of the “Funkschau” (Journal) 1931.

Every so often I am asked to separate the Forum from the Museum. However, its database is very important.  For me it is an integral part (at least if well moderated) that one can distinguish by this work (OCR and also by the entries about models, tubes, firms and countries).  Thus the Forum will remain as part of RMorg going forward.

Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
CH  Articoli: 5702
Schemi: 13756
Foto: 31078
05.Jan.13 18:56

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I was just reminded about an older article which I should link here.

Ernst Erb
Ernst Erb
CH  Articoli: 5702
Schemi: 13756
Foto: 31078
23.Jun.13 11:14

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Besides the language Chinese/Mandarin, which is spoken by roughly a billion, there are about 332 million Spanish speaking persons and 322 English speaking. German comes up to about 100 million only - with the comparison Portuguise 170 million, French 72 million and Italian about 60 million.

Because I started by first putting in the 24 thousand models from my two books "Radiokatalog" (see amazon), which show a good number of radios from the German speaking countries Germany, Austria and Switzerland, the content started mainly to build up in German besides having the 5 language flags from the beginning.

With quite some effort I tried to convince that this should be an international reference work for antique radios and related items for each country but limited to the 5 languages shown as flags.

When we look at membership, having logged in at least once, we are now 11'572 members. They have selected 4747 (5917) German, 4541 (7112) English, 986 (1338) Italian, 682 (1256) French and 616 (1166) Spanish. The numbers in brackets tell us how many have filled in a profile but had never done the follow up. In total it is 16'789.

We can see that it is now not far that English is the most often chosen language at by members. Guests use mostly English! They outnumber the members by more than 1:10.

Just an example for the forum: Yesterday, Saturday, which is always the weakest day a week, shows 870 threads read by members and 13'149 read by guests. In Winter we see these figures double up. Example Monday February 25: 1509 read by members, but a total of 29'646 threads read by guests and members in total. But the main activity is looking up model pages - by far!

At the same time I have to state that it is mainly the members having selected German who do the big work - with a few exceptions. I hope this can turn also. Mainly European members did the work up to now for the ca. 80 thousand model pages for the USA. See here.

Unfortunately for the 3 latin languages offered, Spanish is not used often and we show only 3389 models for Spain, compared with 9237 fro France and even 9885 for Italy.

Questo articolo è stato modificato il 23.Jun.13 11:18 da Ernst Erb .

Sándor Selyem-Tóth
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05.Mar.14 21:18

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Dear Ernest!






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