"Radios of Canada" by Lloyd Swackhammer

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"Radios of Canada" by Lloyd Swackhammer 
19.May.09 13:14

Ashis Mukerjea (CDN)
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Ashis Mukerjea

Dear Friends,

A fantastic book just got published in Canada "Radios of Canada" by Lloyd Swackhammer.

This book started as an effort by the author, a radio collector, to compile a list of all possible brands of radios ever made in Canada.   The list grew and information on the manufacturers was added until the possibilities of a book began to emerge.

In this book, the years that are covered are from 1920 to about 1965, after which the transistor radios prevailed. It gives some basic information on the manufacturer, provides a representative selection of pictures of radios of the Brand Name Listed. The pictures were chosen to give good coverage of the early radios and the unusual radios. An attempt has been made wherever it was possible, to locate atleast one picture of each Brand Name listing. More details can be seen at http://www.hammondmuseumofradio.org/lloyds_book.html.

The shipping will be expensive when the book is shipped individually to Europe so I was thinking if someone can collect orders from interested members and place a bulk order to avail discounted pricing and shipping and then ship the books on to the individuals.
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