rca: The Portuguese Volksempfänger

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rca: The Portuguese Volksempfänger 
16.Jul.08 22:25

Jose Duarte Costa (P)
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Jose Duarte  Costa

Dear Collectors
This document reveals that this radio set is the  Portuguese "radio of the people".

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rca: The Portuguese Volksempfänger 
01.Aug.08 00:41

Júlio Branco (P)
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Júlio Branco

Dear José Duarte

I am right that this document "started to irons" as said in the slang, to the Department of Public Relationships of RPD, former EN, will be very useful to the collectors of radios.

I admires him and I give him great value goes the your constant insistence in the respective services to get such document, feather i, and unhappily, them own they have not the same purpose in they investigate what Mário Coelho proposes, given that will be THEM, the employees of the Radio Portuguese Diffusion, State Tansmitter, that have the largest means in they obtain the whole history of the radio in cause, it goes have facility of access it  crib and they be them the progenitors of the model of the radio and they have also acquired the rights to RCA. There is, in my opinion, a the bad will of the part of RPD in they make such research, or little will of working It goes my part I will try to enter again in contact with RPD, in order to obtain more details.

In what touch me a thank you very much José Duarte; it goes the obtaining and publication of the document,


Júlio Branco

To thank the Author because you find the post helpful or well done.