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Schaub Lorenz Touring Overseas Cabinet Removal

Ernst Erb Vincent de Franco Bernhard Nagel 
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Terry Palmersheim
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09.Oct.09 22:31

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I have a Schaub Lorenz Touring Overseas which I think is equivalent to a Touring 70 or 80. I need to replace the dial cords but I cannot seem to be able to remove the cabinet. I know they are removed in the same way as a Nordmende Globetrotter/ Globetraveller. Is there a trick to this?

Wolfgang Bauer
Wolfgang Bauer
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10.Oct.09 07:07

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Hallo Mr. Palmersheim,

which model do you think?
There are a lot Tourings.
Please post from the model, model site below:
[Add information or ask a question (will automatically appear in Forum too) ].
If your model in does not exist, create it please.

In the schematics of the Touring 70  and Touring 80 you have the plans of the cable.

With best regards, WB.

Todd Stackhouse
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11.Oct.09 05:41

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Reply  |  You aren't logged in. (Guest)   3 all means, add that as a new model, and make sure to include some pictures.  I always wondered if there were any 'export' versions of any of these.

...If these are that similar to the Nordmende radios, you will need to remove all the knobs and then look for two long screws on the bottom of the radio (in the Nordmende, they go all the way up the side and thread into the metal top plate; once they are loosened, the whole top comes off and then you lift off the rest of the enclosure).  These screws may be 'captive', that is, they are not intended to come out. but as you loosen them, you will notice the dial 'lifting'.