schomandl: Old types of frequency synthesizers

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This article refers to the model: Frequenzdekade ND100M (Schomandl KG; München)

schomandl: Old types of frequency synthesizers 
19.Nov.09 09:52

Ernst Erb (CH)
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Ernst Erb

A guest has sent us a contact form with the following question:

Hello sir,
Do you know where to find information on an old type of frequency synthesizers. These were using multiple crystal oscillators, like very old CBs had, to achieve the different channels. Then I think they where using multiple bandpass filters, one for each oscillator, to filter out the signal. They were used on very low phase noise systems but they where quite expensive.
I do not even know what is the name of this technique?

A friend told me that it is like this one but I am not sure

Do you have any information and/or schematics on this?
Thanks in advance


kostas Giann

Hopefully a member can answer him in the forum.
Maybe we also find more such models ...


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