Siemens model names

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Siemens model names 
27.Mar.10 22:01

Georg Richter (D)
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Georg Richter

Dear all,

those who are not familiar with Siemens model names should know:

Often to be seen is a (virtual) discrepancy between the registered model name and the model name which is to be seen on the back of the radio.

This is caused by Siemens itself by naming the models different on the back bord and in their official circuit diagrams.

Another reason is a possibly different model name in original advertisements, in professional or trading journals, and in wholesale catalogues.

This mess happens especially if the word "Super" is involved, like "Kleinsuper", "Mittelsuper", "Gross-Super", Luxussuper", "Qualitätssuper", "Exportsuper", "Reflexsuper", "Standardsuper", "Meistersuper".

Be always careful and do not mix up "Exportsuper" with local models.

The word "Batteriesuper" as mentioned with the later small transistorized models is obviously taken from papers of any kind.

So if you have your own "super" model in question it is always worth to search for model name "super", manufacturer "Siemens" and then to click on [ picture galery ] to see if pictures are available, and hopefully a back bord picture with the corresponding model name has been uploaded.

If you was seriously able to identify your model please upload a picture of the back bord if it missing on the model page.

Thanks and best regards,


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