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Francisc VISKY
Francisc VISKY
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02.Oct.08 22:04

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I have a similar model: Mediator Z50A. The model was founded out in Romania in Cluj city. Who is the producer of this model? Here are some pictures:


Sandor Selyem-Tóth
Sandor Selyem-Tóth
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02.Oct.08 22:12

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Belgien export?

Front label: dealer logo?




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John Hupse † 28.9.20
John Hupse † 28.9.20
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05.Oct.08 19:49

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>>>Who is the producer of this model?

The  "Maker" is "Philips Eindhoven", see the E code on the type plate. This set was assembled at the NSF premises in Hilversum, Holland, so "NSF" is the "Manufacturer".

The  "Brand" is "Mediator".

The  "Country of Production" is The Netherlands.

The  "Country of Destination" is Switzerland

I do not know where this set was sold to the end-user, maybe in Romania. It certainly is an export model.

The Siera S50A (the Model this forum thread is attached to) is basically the same set. The differences are the "Brand" (Siera) and the "Country of Destination" (Belgium). All other parameters are the same, so this Siera S50A was not produced in Belgium. In this case RMorg shows the Country of Destination instead of the Country of Production.

Zenonas Langaitis
Zenonas Langaitis
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08.Jun.09 14:43

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Dear  Francisc,  this site  maybe  for your radio  set ...