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Signal Levels of Loop Antennas for AM Home Transmitters

Ernst Erb Otmar Jung 
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Papers » Basic principles of radio technique » Signal Levels of Loop Antennas for AM Home Transmitters
Jochen Bauer
Jochen Bauer
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17.Nov.12 10:06
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Not only is the magnetic loop a popular receiving antenna for the AM bands (long-wave
and medium-wave in Europe, medium-wave in North America), it is also a good choice when
it comes to feeding the signal of a home transmitter (commonly known as "Heimsender"
or "Heimsenderlein" in the German language part of this forum) into an AM radio set
that only has a build-in AM antenna (loop or ferrite rod).

This paper is about calculating signal levels provided to AM receivers by home
transmitters powering a magnetic loop. It's specific goals are to

- provide the reader with ready to use formulas to calculate the equivalent
 radio frequency signal level (in µV/m) provided to the receiver

- give the reader an idea of the typical output power needed by a home transmitter

- give estimates on possible interference with other nearby receivers and undesired
 emission of electromagnetic radiation    

- present a cost-efficient way to approximately measure radio frequency noise levels
 in the AM bands