Signalite catalog 1979

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Signalite catalog 1979 
16.Oct.09 08:47

Joe Sousa (USA)
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Joe Sousa

Fellow Radiophiles,

I have uploaded a 1979 Signalite catalog to my personal page. Signalite made neon bulbs for indicator use and for trigger circuits and counters.

The component use of neon bulbs included computer and logic circuits, mostly in the 1950's and 1960's.

One of the trigger tubes has the construction of a NE2 neon bulb, but with 3 legs. Frequency divider circuits are shown with these trigger tubes.

There is also a file with additinal loose materials, including two articles, at

Please feel free to share or upload these files to your own site. The only reason I am not uploading these scans here is that they are too large at 8.6MB and 1.3MB respectively.

Edward Bauman, who wrote "Applications of Neon Lamps and Gas Discharge Tubes" was vice president of Signalite. I have a scanned copy of Bauman's book but I can't find where I got it. If you would like a copy of my scans, I can email them to you (5MB).



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